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Is it possible to over-clean a bike chain?

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Asked by: Karen Avery

Should you wipe off excess chain lube?

Some products claim to be an all-in-one cleaner and lube, but we’ve found these to be too thin for proper lubrication over longer rides. However, the practice is the same with any lube – wipe off the excess. Smith agrees with such practice, stating that it’s better to lube over a dirty chain than not lube at all.

Can you over lube a chain?

With chain lubrication, less is definitely more.

Over lubricating your chain, on the other hand, is also bad for your chain and will annoy your bike mechanic. Excess lube attracts dirt and dust and creates gross buildup on your drivetrain. This can actually wear out your drivetrain faster than a dry chain!

Is it OK to wash bike chain with water?

You can use hot water with dish soap, a solvent or a degreaser. Step 2 Place the removed bicycle chain into the pan or plastic tub. Soak the chain for one to two minutes.

How often should you clean bike chain?

Bicycle Tutor recommends cleaning and lubricating your bike’s drive chain at least once every month to maintain optimal performance and protection.

How long after lubing chain can I ride?

In fact too much oil attracts more dirt to stick to the chain and wear increases. Therefore after lubing excess oil needs to be removed. To do this wait for 5 minutes after oiling the chain, turn the drivetrain over a few times then use a dry rag to wipe off any excess.

Should a bike chain have black?

Additionally, it also protects the bicycle from grease stains. Why Do Bicycle Chains Turn Black? The main reason for this is that the oil/lubricant in the chain attracts dust/dirt, which is responsible for turning the oil into black color. This dust/dirt is picked up when a lubricant-applied bicycle is in use.

Can I use wd40 on my bike chain?

WD-40 is a great bike chain lube water based lubricant and will not only lubricate the chain well, but will also keep it rust and corrosion free. It also minimizes the accumulation of dirt which reduces the wear and tear of the chain.

Why is my bike chain turning black?

If you use too much lube or heavy oil not made for bicycle chains, the drivetrain will turn into a black mess. Depending on how dirty it is, you should still be able to wipe the links clean, but you’ll have to scrub harder and longer to cut through the crud.

How do I know if my chain needs lube?

Over-lubing can also be detrimental, as excess lube attracts dirt, forming a gritty paste which grinds down chain components and other drivetrain bits. Appearance, time, or distance are not as reliable as sound (grinding, creaking, squeaking, squealing) as an indicator for when a chain needs to be lubed.

Can you leave a chain in degreaser overnight?

With the chain off the bike, you can leave it to soak overnight in degreaser, before giving it a thorough scrubbing with a toothbrush. Or you can put it in an old water bottle full of degreaser and shake it clean.

Is it OK to hose down a bicycle?

For road bikes, we suggest degreasing and “re-greasing” your drivetrain every 100 miles. For mountain bikes, you should clean your bike after every muddy ride or every couple of weeks with regular use in dry climates. So, can you use a hose on your bike? YES!

Is WD-40 a degreaser?

WD-40 Specialist® Cleaner & Degreaser is a water-based, non-flammable, non-aerosol cleaner & degreaser with a unique bio-solvent formula engineered to be powerful yet safe for sensitive surfaces.

Can you ride your bike after lubing the chain?

A chain with lots of lube on the links will pick up grit faster. You want the stuff inside the chain, not outside. Let the bike sit overnight so more will dry. Then you’re good to go.

Can I use engine oil as chain lube?

While it is possible to use engine oil as chain lube, it is not recommended. Motor oil has a high viscosity, which makes it difficult for the oil to penetrate the inner chain. In turn, the thickness of the oil can impact the drag force of your bike and cause the chain to prematurely stretch and wear.

How much oil should I put on my bike chain?

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Should I wipe my bike chain after every ride?

A clean chain is as critical as a properly lubricated one. Ideally, chains should be thoroughly cleaned after each and every ride. Unfortunately not many of us have the time to do this, but even a quick wipe with an clean rag can make a huge difference.

How do you clean Squirt lube?

Quote from video: Just run it like this here. And that's about how dirty it gets you could see there's there's just no grease now i did ride in dirt.

How do you use dry lube?

Quote from video: To apply dry lube begin back peddling with the chain toward the middle of the cassette. Spray a steady stream of lubricants until the chain is fully. Coated.

Is it OK to use WD-40 on bike chain?

WD-40 is a great bike chain lube water based lubricant and will not only lubricate the chain well, but will also keep it rust and corrosion free. It also minimizes the accumulation of dirt which reduces the wear and tear of the chain.

How do I know if my bike chain needs lube?

An easy way to identify if you chain needs lubrication is if it starts to squeal or squeak and is not smoothly shifting. A bike chain lubricant will help to reduce mechanical resistance and prevent wear and tear from rust, dirt, and grime.