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Is Flaco Jimenez married?

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Asked by: Joseph Bozman

How many brothers does Flaco Jimenez have?

Three of Flaco’s brothers, Santiago Jr., Eddie, and Ruben, are also accomplished accordionists. Flaco, a lifelong San Antonio resident, was a young lion of conjunto, picking up the accordion at age 7 and making his mark in the late 1950s with his first bands, Leonardo Jiménez y sus Caporales, and Los Caminantes.

Why is Flaco Jimenez important?

The Grammy winning accordionist, widely recognized as the master of his craft and a pioneer of Tejano and Conjunto music, perfected his style by infusing Mexican-American traditional folk melodies with electric blues guitar, country, and the saxophone.

Is Santiago Jimenez still alive?

He made some recordings with his son, Flaco, including Santiago Jimenez con Flaco Jimenez y Juan Viesca in 1980 for Arhoolie Records. Jiménez died on December 18, 1984, in San Antonio.

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