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Is decomposed granite good for drainage?

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Asked by: Hassan Rahman

Since it is not a solid surface, loose DG provides excellent drainage. Once compacted, a patio or walkway covered with lose DG will be fairly hard. However, loose DG is easily affected by erosion and will need to be filled in often.

What is the difference between crushed and decomposed granite?

Crushed stone is closely related to decomposed granite (DG), but these rocks are not crushed as finely as DG. Both are popular for contemporary landscapes, but crushed stone offers a crisper look than DG. Pros: Crushed stone can be poured and compacted in any shape, providing design flexibility.

Can you put crushed granite around trees?

Although there are at least 30 colors and varying degrees of particle sizes, decomposed granite basically comes in three forms: natural, stabilized, and resin-coated. Natural DG is used as a mulch material and can be spread around trees and garden beds much like wood mulch.

Is decomposed granite water permeable?

This is an ideal stabilizer because it requires little to no maintenance, does not fail over time, and has excellent erosion control. It is also permeable, allowing water to easily pass through; since it does not contain any oils, resins, polymers, or enzymes, it will not cause water pollution.

What is decomposed granite good for?

Natural DG is commonly used in landscapes for mulching, patios, garden paths and play areas or sport surfaces. Without any additives, loose DG is an excellent non-organic mulch and can be spread around trees and other plants. DG continues to weather over time and provides nutrients to surrounding soil and plants.

Is decomposed granite bad for trees?

The majority of a tree’s root system is within the top 6-24” inches of soil. So grading down to 6” and adding inorganic ground cover (e.g. plastic sheeting, gravel, decomposed granite) will remove the soil’s organic layer and compact the soil, harming tree health.

How do you keep decomposed granite from washing away?

The problem: The decomposed granite is turning into mud.
Decomposed granite and wood chips might wash away. The solution: Place barrier material such as rolled straw wattle, sandbags or cement edgers to redirect the flow to an established drainage path or into an open bed.

Do weeds grow through decomposed granite?

Weeds, on the other hand, are slow to sprout in the compacted D.G. If they do simply hoe them out. Jerry Collins, a grading contractor in Tulare who uses a lot of D.G., says “nothing will grow through three to four inches of D.G., except maybe Bermuda grass.”
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What are the cons of decomposed granite?


  • Loose DG will easily erode and become muddy when wet.
  • DG with resin does not provide good drainage.
  • May need to be refilled from time to time and matching up the exact color may be difficult (it’s recommended to keep some of the original on hand)
  • Loose DG can be tracked indoors and damage hardwood flooring.

How deep should decomposed granite be?

We recommend getting enough DG to achieve a depth of 2″ to 3″ throughout your walkway, and 4″ if you are covering a whole driveway.

Is decomposed granite cheaper than concrete?

Costs. The best part about decomposed granite is that it’s relatively inexpensive compared with other solutions such as concrete or pavers. Cost typically statrt at $40 to $50 per cubic yard for locally available options, whereas more exotic colors will be higher. It’s also durable and easy to maintain.

Do I need to stabilize decomposed granite?

Since loose DG does not contain any stabilizers, it is best placed in low traffic areas where it won’t be tracked indoors. Stabilized DG is a mixture of gravel with a light binder which helps the material hold its form more than its natural state.

Can dogs dig through decomposed granite?

Keeping pets and humans happy
In areas of high dog traffic, replace the grass with a more durable surface, like pea gravel or decomposed granite. These materials are safe for your dog to run on but won’t wear out.