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Is Bumble Bee tuna safe?

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Asked by: Steve Allen

Bumble Bee Foods announced a voluntary recall of its Chunk Light canned tuna on Wednesday last week, forcing retailers to pull the affected stock from their shelves and urge consumers to toss any affected cans they have. With such a drastic warning to consumers, is Bumble Bee tuna still safe to eat? Basically, yes.

Is Bumble Bee tuna high in mercury?

Nearly all fish contain traces of methyl mercury. Canned tuna meets all health and safety standards set by the FDA, which has established the maximum safe level of methyl mercury allowed in commercial seafood at 1.0 parts per million.

Is Bumble Bee a good tuna brand?

Even so, the NGO Greenpeace’s 2017 Tuna Shopping Guide gave Bumble Bee a failing grade for its sustainability and ethics, ranking the company 17th out of 20 well-known brands in the U.S. market.

Is Bumble Bee chunk light tuna healthy?

It’s a healthy food packed with protein, containing omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B6 and niacin, as well as important minerals like iron and selenium. BUMBLE BEE Tuna is the perfect choice for all your tuna recipes and is a reliable keto food and snack for those on a ketogenic diet.

Which canned tuna is healthiest?

Canned light tuna is the better, lower-mercury choice, according to the FDA and EPA. Canned white and yellowfin tuna are higher in mercury, but still okay to eat. Bigeye tuna should be avoided completely, but that species isn’t used for canned tuna anyway.

Which canned tuna is lowest in mercury?

When buying tuna, opt for skipjack or canned light varieties, which do not harbor as much mercury as albacore or bigeye. You can consume skipjack and canned light tuna alongside other low-mercury species, such as cod, crab, salmon and scallops, as part of the recommended 2–3 servings of fish per week ( 10 ).

Why is canned tuna not healthy?

The tuna sandwich is a lunchbox staple. But several species of tuna — like other large ocean fish — contain higher-than-average amounts of mercury, a highly toxic metal that can cause severe health effects.

What is wrong with Bumblebee tuna?

Sadly, Americans who buy Bumble Bee tuna may have unwittingly served their children tuna caught by fishing vessels that used forced labor and cut the fins off living sharks and threw the sharks overboard to slowly starve.

Is Bumble Bee tuna processed in China?

And passion ocean family emerged as a clear choice located in the mid-sized city of Ningbo China Ocean.

Is Bumblebee tuna wild caught?

Bumble Bee Wild Caught Gourmet Tuna is wild-caught, which means it contains significantly less contaminants than other farm-raised brands.

Which type of tuna has the most mercury?

White albacore

There are two main types of canned tuna: White albacore and chunk light. Chunk light is made mostly from skipjack tuna, a smaller species of tuna. Albacore tuna is a larger species and contains higher levels of mercury.

How many cans of tuna can you eat in a week?

Canned light tuna contains the least amount of mercury, and the FDA suggests limiting yourself to no more than 12 ounces a week, or no more than four 3-ounce cans.

Which is better for you tuna in oil or water?

According to the USDA, 1/2 cup of canned tuna in oil contains 145 calories, while 1/2 cup of canned tuna in water has only 66 calories. When it comes to omega-3 fats — healthy fats that the American Heart Association says may reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes — canned tuna in water is also the better bet.

Is it OK to have tuna every day?

The American Heart Association recommends eating omega-3-rich fish, such as tuna, twice a week for good health. It’s wise, however, to include variety in your tuna diet. Because tuna is a source of mercury, you should avoid eating tuna everyday, especially higher-mercury varieties like albacore tuna.