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I can operate any stick shift without the owner’s manual; can I operate any front derailleur with no manual?

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Asked by: Carmen Brown

Can you use any shifter with any derailleur?

No, different maker or different model with different number of “speed” shifters have different pull ratio (i.e. the length of cable pulled by a single shift). Usually it’s safe to use different model with same number of gears from the same maker.

Will any front derailleur work?

Front-derailleur compatibility

First up, a derailleur designed to work with a double crankset (with two chainrings) won’t work with a triple crankset. They have different shapes and sizes to their cages to work with the different chainring configurations.

Can I use front derailleur as chain guide?

Enthusiast. Sure, you can run a derailleur as a guide. No worries.

Can you use different shifters with Shimano derailleurs?

Shimano derailleur compatibility

Most 8- and 9-speed Shimano mountain bike and road kit is inter-compatible because they both use the same cable pull ratio. This means that you can use an 8 -or 9-speed mountain bike derailleur with road shifters or vice versa.

Can you mix shifters and derailleurs?

In many instances, it is possible to mix different levels of shifters and derailleurs from the same brand (e.g. Dura-Ace/Ultegra/105; Red/Force/Rival; Super Record/Record/Chorus), however it’s not safe to assume that this will always be the case.

Are derailleurs universal?

No, bike derailleurs are not universal. A derailleur that works with one bike may not work with another bike based on factors such as the cage length. Check the difference between the smallest and largest cogs and also the chainring size to determine the derailleur compatibility.

Are front derailleurs obsolete?

Since then, the front derailleur really hasn’t changed much at all. It’s still a basic component, comprising two metal plates that shove the chain across the chainrings, and the stiffer those plates the better the shifting.

How long do front derailleurs last?

Others will last two decades. It totally depends on the design, brand, materials, usage, and more on luck.

Can I use MTB front derailleur on road bike?

MTB vs road FD

Shimano road and MTB FDs have different cable pull ratios – that is the amount of FD movement for each mm of cable movement. This means that MTB FDs might not work well with indexed road shifters and vice versa.

Do you really need a chain guide?

Why You Should Run a Chain Guide. Mounting a chain guide on your mountain bike gives you an extra sense of security, hopefully ensuring that you won’t ever drop your chain. When you are flying through rough sections of trail, the chain will jump up and down and can sometimes work its way off the chainring.

How do you use a front derailleur?

Quote from video: When you're when you're shifting the front derailleur. So if you're going into a hill you need to go to your low gear before you get to the hill if you wait till you're in the middle of the hill.

Can I use a Shimano front derailleur with SRAM shifters?

Yes, you can mix Shimano and SRAM front derailleurs and shifters. It’s the rear derailleur that is not cross compatible, with the exception that SRAM has made ‘Attack’ shifters that will work with the Shimano rear derailleurs.

How do I know what derailleur I need?

Quote from video: So then for example if you want to change your rear cassette size all your chain room size maybe something monstrous like this which is 11 up through 236. This will then give us a differential at the

How do you adjust a front derailleur?

Quote from video: Use a hex wrench as a gauge when the cage is set to high you risk the chance of the chain falling off the largest ring when you shift.

Can I use an 11 speed derailleur on a 10 speed shifter?

No, that will not work. The shifts will not line up across the entire range, because an 11-speed cassette is not just a 10-speed cassette with an extra cog stuck on at the same spacing.

Can I use SRAM shifter with Shimano derailleur?

The SRAM rear derailleur (mech) will not work with a Shimano shifter as is; the cable pull and shift activation ratios are not the same between the two systems.

Are all Shimano road shifters compatible?

Basically all 9 speed and below Shimano MTB derailleurs will work on all Shimano Road shifters. There is an exception for some of the older 7900 Dura Ace shifters which had a different pull ratio and also one of the Shimano levers with hydraulic brake lines.

Can I use an 11 speed derailleur on a 10 speed shifter?

No, that will not work. The shifts will not line up across the entire range, because an 11-speed cassette is not just a 10-speed cassette with an extra cog stuck on at the same spacing.

Can I use a 9 speed shifter with a 7 speed cassette?

If you used a 7 speed cassette, with a 9 speed shifter and 7 speed derailleur you would not pull enough cable and the shifts will get mangled. If you are currently on 7 Speeds, this means you have a 7 speed wheel that will most likely NOT take a 9 speed cassette.

Will a 7 speed front derailleur work with 9 speed?

Yes. A front derailleur marketed as for a 9 speed system will work normally with your 7 speed set up.

Can I use a 9 speed front derailleur on a 8 speed?

In practice, they are interchangeable. You can use a 9 speed FD on an 8 speed crank.