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How to tell which freehub body is a compatible replacement for the one on an old Shimano FH-HG50 rear hub?

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Asked by: Patrick Walker

Are Shimano freehub bodies interchangeable?

Most Shimano Freehub bodies are interchangeable.

How do I know what Shimano freehub I have?

Knowing What Freehub You Need

  1. Determine the brand: Locate the brand of your existing cassette—most likely it is Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo.
  2. For a Campagnolo cassette, choose a Campy freehub.
  3. For a Shimano freehub, count the number of gears on the cassette. …
  4. For a SRAM freehub, count the number of gears.

Are all Freehubs compatible?

All the current (since the year 1990) freewheel hubs are compatible with all the 6 and 7 speed freewheel sprockets. Freewheel rear hub with threads, and freewheel sprockets that are screwed onto it.

Are bike Freehubs interchangeable?

Almost always, the answer is no, there is no interchangeability between different brands – and often limited interchangeability within a brand.

Can freehub bodies swap?

Each brand and model of hub uses its own freehub body to hub interface. If you need to change your freehub body, you will need to get the same brand and model. You cannot mix-n-match freehub bodies from different brands.

Are freewheels interchangeable?

No, freewheels are completely different from the cassette / free hub system and are not interchangeable. A freewheel includes the ratchet mechanism that allows the sprockets to rotate backwards as well as the sprockets themselves, and threads into the hub.

How do I know which freehub body I have?

Quote from video: The easiest way actually to tell is count the number of teeth on your smallest cog it'll be 11 or 12 feet if you have an HG driver. The less common of the two is the ceramic ski driver.

How do I know my freehub size?

Quote from video: Very very carefully. Taking my ruler. And i can see that this one is 15 millimeters. So there we go that's how we measure the hub width. And through axle diameter.

What freehub does Shimano use?

HG, short for ‘HyperGlide’, is the most common and traditional freehub body design available. Created by Shimano, it is the standard used for cassettes that have at least an 11-tooth cog as the smallest cog on the cassette. HG Specific cassettes are available in 8,9,10, and 11speed options.

Are all Shimano 12 speed cassettes Micro Spline?

Currently, Shimano only use Micro Spline for their mountain bike cassettes; namely, the XTR M9100, Deore XT M8100 and the SLX M7100, with the 10-tooth top cog.

Which is better Pawls or ratchet?

Ratchet systems are generally spoken stronger, more reliable and need less maintenance compared to traditional pawl systems. Biggest reason for this is that the power transferred from the drivetrain to the wheel is spread of a larger surface. In general hubs that are “louder” usually have more engagement points.

Does Shimano 12 speed fit on 11 speed hub?

The 12-speed cassette is designed to be backwards compatible with the existing 11-speed road freehub, while the 12 speed-specific freehub (available on Dura Ace hubs currently) can’t be used with the 11-speed parts. Sram HG-style cassettes are largely the same spacing as Shimano, with the 10 speed exception.

Can I put an XD driver on a Shimano hub?

Quote from video: So there's the shimano. One now with the xd driver for your body before you put it on it's like if you just bought one it's new all you want to do is clean off the shaft. Of any old grease.

What is the difference between XD and XDR?

The XDR interface is 1.85mm longer than XD and is designed for road hub applications. XDR maintains the same hub spacing and flange locations used for 11-speed road compatible HyperGlide freehub bodies. XDR driver bodies are compatible with all XD cassettes when the cassette is installed with a 1.85mm spacer behind it.

Is SRAM XD hub compatible with Shimano?

The SRAM XD driver and cassette works with existing Shimano-type cassette tools.

Are Shimano 11 and 12-speed compatibility?

A 12-speed chain can work with an 11-speed cassette. However, it’s recommended to avoid using a Shimano 12-speed chain because it doesn’t play well with 11-speed chainrings.

Are Shimano and SRAM freehub compatibility?

Both Shimano and SRAM 11-speed road cassettes require this longer 11-speed freehub body. Similarly, new Shimano 12-speed road cassettes will fit HG 11 freehubs. Left is the HG ‘Mountain’ freehub fitment. Right is the newer (and 1.85 mm wider) HG 11 version.

Is Shimano 11-speed compatibility?

Shimano’s mechanical 10- and 11-speed road shifters are not compatible with its 10- and 11-speed MTB derailleurs.

Are DT Swiss Freehubs interchangeable?

These freehub bodies are compatible with DT Swiss 350, 240s, 180 and 190 hubs. Suitable for converting an existing hub or replacing worn/damaged parts.

Can you upgrade freehub body?

Yes. You can replace just the hub, but you’ll likely need new spokes, and a decent mechanic will charge $50+ for the job. Unless you have a really nice rim, that’s not worth it. Buying a new wheel makes more sense.

Can I put an XD driver on a Shimano hub?

Quote from video: So there's the shimano. One now with the xd driver for your body before you put it on it's like if you just bought one it's new all you want to do is clean off the shaft. Of any old grease.