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How strong is the remote lockout on rock shox?

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Asked by: Brandi Love

Is a remote lockout fork worth it?

Remote lockouts are useful on mountain bikes because they allow you to quickly change between a more efficient platform for non technical flats and uphills and a more forgiving platform for downhills and technical sections without ever having to take your hands off the bars.

How does RockShox lockout work?

The lockout and rebound systems work by using pressurized oil to change the speed of compression and decompression. A completely disengaged lockout will allow the oil to flow quickly through the chamber while a fully-locked suspension will completely restrict the flow of the oil.

Can I remove remote lockout RockShox?

You basically pull the remote off and take the gear cable out of it. Cut it to about 2 inches. Then pull it through the top of the damper holding it with your hand in the open position. Finally you tighten it down and your fork will always be locked out.

How does a remote lockout work?

A Remote Lockout System is a lockout fork which can be controlled by a dial placed upon the handlebar of the MTB. The advantage of a Remote Lockout System is that it isn’t necessary to get off of the Bicycle to engage the lock. On a challenging trail, with lots of ups and downs, this can be really helpful.

When should you lock your suspension?

The best time to lock out the suspension on your mountain bike is when you are doing a long non-technical trail climb or riding a long distance on a flat surface. Lockouts are typically used at specific times to help prevent wasting pedaling energy in the form of bobbing of the suspension.

What is hydraulic lockout?

Hydraulic energy Lockout devices use positive means such as a lock and key to keep the associated energy isolation device in the safe position and prevent equipment energization. Typical hydraulic energy lockout devices are outlined in the Valve Lockout page.

Can you lockout suspension while riding?

Quote from video: So open you want to use that when you're just riding sort of routine rough trails where you just want a suspension to give you the maximum control and grip out.

When should I lock my front fork?

Usually the only times you would lock out your rear shock (or front fork) would be when on a long non-technical climb, or other long distance ride. Mountain bike suspension often features multiple modes, to better set up the bike to climb or descend, and one of these common features is the lock out.

Can you add lockout to a fork?

Though I agree that most forks can’t add a lockout without you designing one on your own. Cheap discs are worse than the cheapest V brakes, its likely the bike the OP is talking about has the cheapest discs available. Any V brake can be upgraded by installing better pads.

How do you remove a lockout lever?

Quote from video: You can use a pair of needle nose pliers just reach in and carefully grab it by either side and lift out just like that.

How do you set rockshox lockout?

Quote from video: Through the back of the pop lock. Feed it through the housing. Make sure it's seated well. Now pull the cable around the spool. Take a fresh two millimeter hex key slide. It into the pinch. Bolt.

How do I fix my fork lockout?

Quote from video: You can use a pair of needle nose pliers just reach in and carefully grab it by either side and lift out just like that.

What is a fork lock motorcycle?

See Figure 1. The fork lock knob is on the dash panel. Using the fork lock immediately after parking your motorcycle will discourage unauthorized use or theft. The fork lock knob can be locked with the key, key fob lock button, or power lock switches in the fairing cap.

How do you adjust fork suspension coils?

Quote from video: Turn the preload adjustment knob clockwise to stiffen in the direction of the plus sign and counterclockwise to soften in the direction of the minus sign it's that easy adjust your suspension fork.

What does too much rebound feel like?


Rough pavement makes the fork feel as if it’s locking up with stiction and harshness. Under hard acceleration exiting bumpy corners, the front end feels like it wants to “wiggle” or “tankslap.” The tire feels as if it isn’t staying in contact with the pavement when on the gas.

How fast should my rebound be?

When your rebound is set too slow your fork or shock will pack up. That means the hits will be coming one after another faster than the fork or shock has enough time to extend again. You basically want your rebound as fast as you can get it without feeling like a pogo stick and bouncing around on the trail.