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How old is Terry Pegula?

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Asked by: Erica Williams

Who was Terry Pegula first wife?

Terrence Michael Pegula (born March 27, 1951) is an American billionaire businessman and petroleum engineer.
Terry Pegula.

Terrence Pegula
Spouse(s) Kim Kerr ​ ( m. 1993)​
Children 5 (including Jessica)

What is Jessica Pegula ethnicity?


She is half-Korean, as her mom was born in Seoul before being adopted at age 5. She has four siblings: Kelly, Matthew, Michael, and Laura (the latter two from her father’s first marriage).

What team does Bon Jovi own?

The club was established in 2004 when a group, led by Jon Bon Jovi, secured the rights to an AFL franchise in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Soul
Team colors Light blue, gray, white, black
Mascot Soul Man
Owner(s) Trifecta Sports and Entertainment