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How much is a deer decoy?

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Asked by: Twayne Marshall

How much you can expect to spend on a deer decoy. Deer decoys run $60-200. Two-dimensional deer decoys are priced $60-$100, while three-dimensional skillfully crafted decoys cost $100-$200, although $150 should provide a high-quality decoy for most hunters.

Should I use a buck or doe decoy?

Not Using the Right Decoy

For example, during the rut, estrus doe and young buck decoys are typically the most effective for luring in a buck. Estrus doe decoys attract potential suitors, and young buck decoys pull in mature bucks that want to assert their dominance over their territory.

Can you use an archery target as a decoy?

You can, but after a lot of use, full-body deer archery targets get a bit chewed up and aren’t as lifelike. Foam targets can be a bit heavier to move around a field. However, when the rut is on, deer don’t seem to be overly concerned with all of the details of a decoy and will come into a full-body target.

How do you use deer decoys in Montana?

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When should I start my deer decoy?

Best Time to Use a Decoy

The best time to use decoys for deer hunting is pre-rut and rut. Two to three weeks before the rut or peak breeding hits in an area is a great time. During these weeks, bucks are starting to break up out of their bachelor groups as they begin to establish their home ranges.

Should I leaving deer decoys out overnight?

Rather than put the scent directly on the decoy, I believe it better to place a small scent bomb on the ground between its rear legs. Don’t leave your decoys in position overnight.

Can you use a target buck for a decoy?

is it possible to use a deer target such as a delta target or glendel buck as a decoy? in need of some opinions. If you can get it out there w/out getting shot by some trigger happy hunter, yes, they work well. I’ve used the 3D pronghorn decoys and a cheap-o Delta buck both.

How do you deer hunt with a decoy?

And it's taking the focus off of you this works especially well in open treestand setups or if you're hunting on the ground the decoy is going to take that bucks focus off of you.

How do you make a 3D foam target?

I used some tape a couple knives some cutting tools for the foam itself. This was also used for the cardboard. This is for cutting some of the materials.

Which way should my buck decoy face?

When a buck approaches a decoy, it wants to scent check the deer and also prefers to look at its eyes. So, you always want to face the decoy toward your stand, with the wind blowing directly from your decoy toward your stand. It is equally important to set the decoy 25-30 yards from the stand.

How do you decoy a buck?

They're going to get downwind of that deer at some point the only time they're not is a Lux just really worked up and he just comes in that's the only time. So.

Do Montana decoys work?

I have used another decoy in the past..but I have to say the Montana Decoy just works. It is super easy to transport in the field, it folds flat, and the quality of the image is great. I was a little hesitant that it was only a 2D decoy but I have had deer walk right up to it without any problems or being spooked.

How do you use a buck decoy during the rut?

Take one antler off a mature buck that's approaching this decoy will almost always circle toward what appears to be a deers weakness. So you can use that to your advantage as the buck will circle.

Can you use deer decoys in Texas?

It is legal to:

Electronic calls may not be used to hunt migratory game birds except during the Light Goose Conservation Order season. use decoys to hunt game animals and game birds. No person may use live decoys when hunting migratory game birds.