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How many years has Sebastian Janikowski played in the NFL?

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Asked by: Jonathan Postle

18 seasons18 seasons, primarily with the Oakland Raiders.

How many years did Sebastian Janikowski play in the NFL?

After 19 seasons in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks, Janikowski decided to hang up the cleats and start living his retirement life. Needless to say, it was the end of the era for a man who hails from Poland and is now 42 years old.
Dec 7, 2020

Who was the highest drafted kicker in the NFL?

Cade York becomes NFL draft’s highest-picked kicker since 2016.
Apr 30, 2022

Who holds the record for the longest field goal in the NFL?

The Broncos kicker slugged a 64-yard field goal in December of 2013 against the Titans. It didn’t finish the game off but it did send Denver to the halftime tunnel extremely pumped up. Justin Tucker is responsible for the longest field goal in NFL history.
Feb 10, 2022

Has a kicker ever been drafted first round?

Kickers, however, have been taken in the first round on five separate occasions in the past, with the most recent being Sebastian Janikowski in the first round of the 2000 NFL draft. As a matter of fact, the Raiders have shown that they have no problem taking kickers early.
Apr 3, 2022

Who is the best kicker of all time?

1. Justin Tucker. Tucker shot to the top of this list as a result of what has been a dominant career thus far. He not only is the most accurate kicker in NFL history, but he’s also the record-holder for the longest field goal ever made (

Is Janikowski in Hall of Fame?

The players listed below are the top 250 HOFm-rated players who played K starting in 1955 or later for at least 50 career games. A score of 100 is around the average modern-era inductee.
K HOFm Leaders.

Player Average HOF K
TD 0
Scoring XPM 715
XPA 730
FGM 469

What was Janikowski longest field goal?

Sebastian Janikowski, 63 yards (2011)
Janikowski tied the record for longest made field goal made at Denver’s Mile High Stadium. It was the second game of the opening Monday Night Football doubleheader, and he nailed this kick right before the end of the first half to give the Raiders a 16-3 lead.
Sep 27, 2021

Who is the highest drafted punter ever?

Highest-drafted punters in NFL history

Round Pick Player
1 11 Russell Erxleben
1 23 Ray Guy
2 34 Rohn Stark
2 39 Johnny Evans

Are there any punters in the Hall of Fame?

The NFL’s Punters (Finally) Land One In The Hall Of Fame : The Two-Way Ray Guy, a gifted athlete who became the prototype of an NFL punter in the 1970s and 80s, becomes the first punter to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend.
Aug 2, 2014

Has a punter ever been drafted?

Career Highlights. Ray Guy became the first punter ever selected in the first round of a National Football League draft when the Oakland Raiders tapped him as the 23rd player chosen in 1973.

How many kickers are in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Only four NFL kickers have ever entered the Hall of Fame, and only two of them played just the kicker position during their careers. The most famous NFL kicker ever may be Morten Andersen, a Danish-born kicker who played in the league for 25 seasons. He played the majority of his career with the New Orleans Saints.
Sep 27, 2021

Who is the best DE in NFL history?

Gil Brandt’s greatest defensive ends of all time

  • 1 / 31. Michael Bennett. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2009-2012; Seattle Seahawks, 2013-2017; Philadelphia Eagles, 2018-present. …
  • 6 / 31. Dwight Freeney. …
  • 11 / 31. Richard Dent. …
  • 16 / 31. Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones. …
  • 21 / 31. Chris Doleman. …
  • 26 / 31. Lee Roy Selmon.

Has a kicker ever had a perfect season?

In 2003, Vanderjagt became the first kicker in the league’s history to go an entire season, including the playoffs, without missing a field goal or point-after attempt.