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How many types of rattlesnakes are there in California?

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Asked by: Roxanne Rivera

There are 7 different species of rattlesnakes found in California. Two of these species consist of more than one subspecies, making a total of 10 different kinds of rattlesnakes found in the state.

What kind of rattlesnake is in California?

There are three subspecies, the Northern Pacific rattlesnake (C. o. oreganus) found throughout Central and coastal Northern California, the Southern Pacific rattlesnake (C. o. helleri) found in coastal Southern California, and the Great Basin rattlesnake (C. o. lutosus) found in northern Sierra Nevada.

What’s the biggest rattlesnake in California?

The largest and most common rattle- snake in California is the western diamondback (Crotalus atrox) (Fig. 1), found primarily in Imperial, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties from sea level to 7,000 feet.

How many types of venomous snakes are there in California?

The only venomous snakes in California are the rattlesnakes and there are eight species: the southern pacific rattlesnake, the northern pacific rattlesnake, the great basin rattlesnake, the western diamondback, the red diamondback, the sidewinder, the speckled rattlesnake, and the Mojave green rattlesnake.

Are there 36 types of rattlesnakes?

The 36 known species of rattlesnakes have between 65 and 70 subspecies, all native to the Americas, ranging from British Columbia through Ontario in southern Canada, to central Argentina. The largest rattlesnake, the eastern diamondback, can measure up to 8 ft (2.4 m) in length.

Is killing rattlesnakes illegal in California?

Anyone can kill a rattlesnake at any time in California, with one exception: the endangered red diamond rattlesnake. There is some confusion here in the regulations. Mostly because California considers snakes game animals but puts its reptile regulations under the fishing regulations (for some odd reason).

Can you survive a Mojave green bite?

Bush said when a poisonous Mojave bites, the venom can stay in a person’s system for weeks or months. About 15 percent of people bitten by a poisonous snake may lose a body part like a finger, or experience loss of sensation or function.

Which US state has the most rattlesnakes?

The greatest concentration of them is in the Southwestern United States and in Northern Mexico. Arizona is home to 13 species of rattler, more than any other state.

What eats rattlesnakes in California?

Other than humans, rattlesnakes are commonly preyed on by birds of prey, coyotes, and Roadrunners, (Geococcyx californianus).

What is the world record rattlesnake?

The heaviest venomous snake is probably the eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) of the south-eastern United States, which weighs 5.5-6.8 kg (12-15 lb) and 1.52-1.83 m (5-6 ft) in length. The heaviest on record weighed 15 kg (34 lb) and was 2.36 m (7 ft 9 in) long.

How old is a rattlesnake with 15 rattles?

Counting the Rattles
Unless you know when the snake hatched, you can’t determine the exact age of a rattlesnake, but you can count the rattles to figure a rough estimate as to how old the snake is. On average, you can estimate the snake added two or three rattles for each year of his life.

How many varieties of rattlesnakes are there?

32 different species

You always know a rattlesnake is probably nearby. Rattlesnakes are some of the most unique and diverse American reptiles. There are currently 32 different species of rattlesnakes, with approximately 83 subspecies that are broken down into the two genera Crotalus and Sistrurus.

How big do California rattlesnakes get?

The rattlesnake is California’s only native venomous snake. Nine species are found in various areas of the state from below sea level to about 11,000 feet. Their size may vary, and adults of some species may reach 6 feet in length.

How many rattlesnake bites a year in California?

The California Poison Control System manages and reports approximately 250 cases of rattlesnake bites each year, with over 50 cases occurring in Southern California. California is home to eight species of rattlesnakes, which may be spotted anywhere from off-road dirt trails to your own backyards and front porches.

What state has the most poisonous snakes?

While plenty of states are host to a variety of poisonous creatures, the state with the largest number of venomous reptiles is Arizona.