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How many gallons of water is in a 10×30 pool?

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Asked by: Sharmlali Duncan

How many gallons does the Intex 10×30 pool?

Water capacity is 1,185 gallons (90%) and it is ready for water in 30 minutes.

How many gallons of water is in a 10ft pool?


Item 10ft Fast Set Pool
Weight 8.6kg (19.0lb)
Water Capacity 3,638L (608 gal)
Size 10ft x 30″
Included 330 gallon filter pump (may only be included in some retailer packages)

How many Litres is an Intex 10×30 pool?

4,485 liters

Intex 28202UK 10ft x 30in Metal Frame Swimming Pool with Filter Pump, 4,485 liters, Blue, 305×76 cm.

How long does it take to fill 10×30 pool?

about 3-4 hours

It took about 3-4 hours to fill up the pool. This one comes with the pump and filter setup which is a must to keep the water clean.

How tall is a 10 x30 pool?

2.5 ft

10 ft diameter x 30″ (2.5 ft) height.

How many gallons is my Intex 12×30 pool?

1,718 gallons

Measuring 12-Feet by 30-Inches and able to hold up to 1,718 gallons of water, this pool is the perfect size for any backyard fun. Easily fill this above ground pool with the drain plug access that will let you use a garden hose to drain water that is in the pool.

How do I keep my 10ft pool clean?

So first guys you're going to need this leaf skimmer. And what you want to do is just skim the leaves and debris out the top of your pool.

How many Litres is a 10 foot Intex pool?

Pool water capacity at 80% full: 848 gallons (3,853 litres). Size: Diameter 10 feet (305cm), Height 30 inches (76cm). Suitable for children aged 6+ years.

How many gallons is my Intex Easy Set pool?

Pump flow rate: 1,000 gallons. System flow rate: 750 gallons.

Is a 10ft pool big?

A 10ft wide inflatable pool is an ideal choice for most families. It’s big enough to have room for everyone, while it won’t be so large that is difficult to set up and maintain. This guide will include six 10ft inflatable pools that are sturdy, budget-friendly, and easy to use.

Can I fill my pool with a hose?

You can fill your pool with a hose from the tap, just like you would with city water. But remember that you’ll be moving many thousands of gallons of water through your softener system, so be sure to factor in the cost of salt and the electricity required to pump the water to your pool.

How long can you leave water in Intex pool?

Run your filter pump for at least 12 hours a day, every day. This will make sure all the water in your pool circulates at least once. In an ideal world of bottomless money vaults, you could run your pool pump 24 hours a day, but 12 hours is a good compromise.

Can I leave Intex pool up in winter?

In warmer climates, Intex advises to keep your pool up, if you prefer. However, you must winterize the pool when keeping it full throughout the winter. If your area maintains tropical climates all year long, you may not need to winterize your pool at all, especially if you use your pool on a regular basis.

How do you take care of a 10ft Intex pool?

You can cover your pool at night two brush your pool. Every other day during peak pool. Season. This helps to get algae out of crevices. And into your water where it can be sanitized.