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How many crew members are on a pirate ship?

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Asked by: Mike Bloomer

A Spanish design, the galleon combined the need to carry cargo and be able to defend itself at the same time with cannons. A galleon, could sustain a crew of over 200 with more than 70 canons and guns. However, its cumbersome maneuvers and slow speed because of its large square sails made it fair game for pirates.

How many crewmates are on a ship?

The crew pipeline
Most vessels require a crew of 20-25 personnel consisting of officers (master, first engineer), specialist technicians (electricians, mechanics), and lower level crews or “ratings” (deck hands, cooks, and oilers).

What are the members of a pirate crew?

Ranks in a crew

  • Captain.
  • Quartermaster.
  • First Mate.
  • Second Mate.
  • Third Mate.
  • Boatswain (often named “Bo’sun”)
  • Cabin Boy.
  • Carpenter.

How many people do you need to man a pirate ship?

It was even harder on pirate ships because pirates rarely wanted to destroy other ships but rather to disable them Just for one canon to operate efficiently, four to six men was required to aim, fire, reset, swab and load. It was everything but an easy job. Also, coordination with other gunners was required.

How big is a typical pirate crew?

These ships were large and intended for passengers and cargo. The carrier was a 280 ton ship measuring 80 feet in length. While such a ship could be armed with up to 16 cannons, it is doubtful that a typical crew of about 20 could manage more than three or four such guns.

What does a ship crew consist of?

They include a Master, First Mate, Second Mate, Bosun, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Medical Purser, Cook and Watch Leader. Our Permanent Crew are supported by Bosun’s Mates and a Cooks Assistant who are volunteers.

How many captains does a ship have?

one captain

There can only be one captain on a ship. Focused on a safe voyage, a ship captain navigates a water vessel through calm and rough seas. In addition to keeping the ship afloat, a captain oversees crew, unloading of cargo and safe delivery of passengers.

What do pirates call their crew?

pressgang. A company of men commissioned to force men into service such as on a vessel, specifically a pirate ship.

What are the roles in a pirate ship?

The mates aboard a pirate ship were apprentices to the quartermaster, boatswain and carpenter. They would often be responsible for the making sure that the ropes, sails and pulleys were correctly secured etc and were also responsible for the anchor.

What’s a female pirate called?

18th-century pirates

Name Life Culture
Ingela Gathenhielm 1692–1729 Swedish
Anne Bonny born Anne Cormac, aliases Ann Bonn and Ann Fulford, possibly also Sarah Bonny 1698–1721 (disappeared) Irish
Mary Read, alias Mark Read c. 1690–1721 English
Mary Farley, alias Mary /Martha Farlee / Harley / Harvey Irish

Where Does the crew sleep on a pirate ship?


Pirate captains and higher-ranking members had private sleeping quarters, while common sailors had to sleep in one room. Some of them slept on hammocks. Others slept on the floor. It was easier for them to sleep on hammocks because they swayed and rocked with the ship’s movements.

Do pirates shower?

Pirates Had No Option But to Bathe With Seawater
Despite the abundance of seawater, bathing wasn’t a common occurrence amongst the pirates. They felt leaving the ship was dangerous and saltwater irritated their skin. Apart from this, the pirates also feared the unknown sea monsters.

Did pirates have toilets?

Living conditions for pirates and all other sailors were extremely basic. There was no heating or air conditioning, no proper toilets or sanitation, no way to keep your clothes and yourself clean or even to keep yourself dry.