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How long is the Yampa River?

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Asked by: Amanda Wilson

How big is the Yampa River?

250 mi

Yampa River
Length 250 mi (400 km)
Basin size 7,660 sq mi (19,800 km2)
• location Deerlodge Park

What is the meaning of Yampa?

Local folklore, possibly tied to early fur trapping forays into the valley, holds that the Ute Indian word “Yampa” was the English equivalent of “Bear’ and was the start of the dual-named river. However, the Yampa is a common plant with an edible root, akin to a carrot or onion, and part of the diet of local Utes.

Which direction does the Yampa River flow?

From Steamboat, the Yampa flows west nearly to the Utah border, where it meanders among sagebrush and arid landscapes before joining the Green River. Evidence shows that ancient desert cultures inhabited the Yampa River basin 1,000 years ago, long before the area was frequented by Native American tribes.