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How long is Christina Lake BC?

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Asked by: Tanya Carter

18.12 km

Christina Lake
Max. length 18.12 km (11.26 mi)
Max. width 1.5 km (0.93 mi)
Surface area 25.489 km2 (9.841 sq mi)
Surface elevation 446 m (1,463 ft)

Why is Christina Lake so warm?

With an average summertime water temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the warmth of Christina Lake is likely due to a combination of factors: Christina Lake lies along the Kettle River Fault which may open access to hot springs at the bottom of the lake.

Is Christina Lake the warmest lake in Canada?

Home to both Christina Lake Provincial Park and Gladstone Provincial Park, the lake is famous for its warm water, and is said to be the warmest lake in Canada. The area has at least three famous trails, including the Trans Canada Trail, the Dewdney Trail and the Kettle Valley Railroad Trail.

Is Christina Lake the warmest lake in BC?

Yearly snowfall averages 44cm (17.3 inches). The water temperature of Christina Lake averages 22 degrees Celsius (71F) in the summer making it the warmest tree-lined lake in BC. Voted “BC’s Favourite Lake”, Christina Lake is famous for its clean, clear water, warmth and beauty.

What is Christina Lake famous for?

Once an important fishing ground of the Sinixt First Nation, Christina Lake has a well-earned reputation amongst today’s anglers. It is the premier spot to land rainbow trout, Kokanee salmon, large and smallmouth bass, whitefish, and burbot in either summer or winter.

Does Christina Lake BC freeze?

During years when the lake freezes over, snowmobiling the length of the lake is an exciting experience. There are also many smaller mountain lakes to sled to for a great day of ice fishing. It’s fun for everyone!

What is the warmest lake in BC?

Osoyoos Lake boasts the title of being the warmest lake in BC — and it’s actually the warmest freshwater lake in all of Canada, too! The average summer temperature hovers around a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius (that’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit), making it a refreshing way to cool down on a sunny day.

What is the cleanest lake in Canada?

one of the clearest lakes in the world – Clearwater Lake…

  • Clearwater Lake Provincial Park.
  • The Pas – Things to Do.
  • The Pas.
  • Manitoba.

Why is Christina Lake called Christina Lake?

The lake was named after Christina McDonald, daughter of the fur trader Angus McDonald, who ran the Hudson’s Bay Company station at Fort Colville from 1852-71.

Is Christina Lake a town?

Christina Lake is an unincorporated recreational area in the Boundary Country of the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.

What is the warmest tree lined lake in Canada?

The lake is renowned as the warmest tree-lined lake in British Columbia.
Christina Lake (British Columbia)

Christina Lake
Primary outflows Christina Creek
Basin countries Canada
Max. length 18.12 km (11.26 mi)
Max. width 1.5 km (0.93 mi)

What is the warmest lake in Canada?

Osoyoos Lake is the warmest freshwater lake in Canada – averaging approximately 24°C (75°F) in July and August.

What is the water temperature of Christina Lake?

Christina Lake’s current water temperature is 74°F.

Is Christina Lake in the Kootenays?

Located on the western edge of the South Kootenays in British Columbia’s Kootenay Rockies region, Christina Lake is known for its clean, clear, warm waters and popular with everyone who wants a cool dip away from the summer heat. Sandy beaches invite you to swim, boat, water ski, kayak, go tubing and more.