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How long does it take to hike Chimney Rock?

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Asked by: Barbara Rodriguez

For the average adult, it takes about 25 minutes to walk up the 499-step Outcroppings trail to reach the Chimney.

How long is hike to top of Chimney Rock?

This semi-strenuous trail begins and ends at the East Corner of the paved parking area by the Visitor Center. The hike is 3.9 miles round trip and provides stunning views of the mountains from the top of Chimney Rock.

How long should you spend at Chimney Rock?

Depending on how many of the trails you do and whether you go all the way to the summit of Chimney Rock, plan on spending anywhere from one to four hours.

How long are the trails at Chimney Rock State Park?


The 1.5-mile round-trip trail is mostly wooded with just a few moderate uphill sections. The best trail for wildflowers, birding and rhododendron. It’s shaded, so a great option on a hot day. See our Hickory Nut Falls Guide.

Is Chimney Rock worth seeing?

The iconic chimney has stood for over 500-million-years and can be accessed by climbing 500 steps, rewarding you with dramatic scenery. Trust us, it’s worth it. Visitors not up for the climb have the option of taking the elevator to the top.

Do you have to pay to hike Chimney Rock?

Admission is charged at the principal Chimney Rock Access, though the nearby Rumbling Bald Climbing Access is admission-free and offers one of the park’s six trails.

Is Chimney Rock Open?

The Park is open! The elevator is operational. Ticket Plaza hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Why is Chimney Rock famous?

During 1800’s, Chimney Rock served as the most noted landmark along the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails. As the emigrants passed by this rock, most of them noted in their diaries or journals that they were glad to see that they are going the right direction and it spired to the heavens.

What can you bring to Chimney Rock?

– In warmer weather, consider a hat and well-ventilated clothing. Also, you never know when the weather will change in the mountains, so a light rain jacket or poncho is a good idea too. – Bring along some bottled water, since there are no water fountains on the trails. – Cover exposed skin with sunscreen.

Is Chimney Rock stroller friendly?

Not stroller friendly. Restrooms at visitor enter, Johnny Pot at covered picnic area. Note: The falls are on the side of a mountain…

Can you swim at Chimney Rock?

Its unrivaled beauty is just the beginning of what you’ll find here. Take a boat tour of the Lake, play on the beach, swim, hike, mountain bike, climb a shear rock face, fish, boat, kayak or just relax.

What kind of rock is Chimney Rock NC?


Geology. It took more than half a billion years to make Chimney Rock! The process began during the Earth’s distant geologic past, when a portion of its molten interior welled up, cooled and solidified into a huge mass of granite deep below the surface.

Why is it called Chimney Rock?

The pungent smell of fuel hung thick in the air. It was 1956, and the Park became a race track. They called it the Chimney Rock Hillclimb, and it tore up the tortuous, nearly two-mile road with more than a hint of danger.

What can you see from Chimney Rock?

Chimney Rock, the 535-million-year-old monolith for which the Park is named, is considered one of the most iconic sites in North Carolina. From its top, you’ll soak in the 75-mile panoramic views of Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure.

Where is Chimney Rock Oregon Trail?

The Oregon Trail: Chimney Rock. Located some twelve miles west of Courthouse and Jailhouse Rock, Chimney Rock was one of the most picturesque landmarks along the Oregon Trail. It signaled the end of the prairies as the trail became more steep and rugged heading west towards the Rocky Mountains.

How far is Chimney Rock from Biltmore Estate?

The distance between Biltmore Estate and Chimney Rock is 18 miles. The road distance is 29.6 miles.

Can you climb Chimney Rock Nebraska?

Experience this 1.0-mile out-and-back trail near Bayard, Nebraska. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 24 min to complete. This trail is great for hiking, and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter many other people while exploring.

Has anyone climbed Chimney Rock?

It took Sean Cobourn more than 30 years to climb the Chimney, a 315-foot monolith inside North Carolina’s Hickory Nut Gorge.

Is Chimney Rock shrinking?

But it was the name Chimney Rock that stuck. The spire has lost about 30 feet in the past 150 years. It currently measures 325 feet from tip to base, with the spire measuring 120 feet, according to the Nebraska State Historical Society.

How tall is Chimney Rock Oregon Trail?

It towers some 300 feet above the North Platte River valley and lies at an elevation of 4,226 feet. Chimney Rock was an important landmark for travelers on the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails.

Why is Fort Laramie important?

One of the most important forts in the settlement of the American West, Fort Laramie served many functions throughout its history. It was located along the Oregon Trail to protect and supply emigrant wagon trains. It later became a major link in the Pony Express, Overland Stage and transcontinental telegraph systems.

How many wagons were on the Oregon Trail?

120 wagons

The group included 120 wagons, about 1,000 people and thousands of livestock. Their trek began on May 22 and lasted five months. It effectively opened the floodgates of pioneer migration along the Oregon Trail and became known as the Great Emigration of 1843.

Is Chimney Rock a butte?

Chimney Rock is an 6,110-foot (1,860 meter) elevation pillar located within the Ute Mountain Tribal Park, in Montezuma County of southwest Colorado.
Chimney Rock (Jackson Butte)

Chimney Rock
Parent peak West Ute Mesa (7,088 ft)
Isolation 3.71 mi (5.97 km)
Coordinates 37°04′41″N 108°43′07″W

How was Chimney Rock eroded?

Glaciers spawned by the Ice Age four million years ago vastly increased the grinding away of the ground. Finally, as the last ice melted and great floods washed away the debris, the thick hard sandstone of Chimney Rock and Companion Rock saw light.

How old is Chimney Rock in Nebraska?

About 38 million years ago

Chimney Rock was millions of years in the making. About 38 million years ago, streams and wind started carrying silt and sand from the Rocky Mountains to the Nebraska Panhandle. This material built up into layers of clay that are visible in the Rock and surrounding buttes.