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How high can you get with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

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Asked by: Kim Nava

They are close to three feet each so four sticks right on top of each other is 12′. 1.5 feet between each one would get you to 18′. If you are comfortable with more space between sticks you can get higher.

How high can you climb with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

Re: Lone Wolf Sticks – How high can you go? Safely, 3 sticks, about 16 feet, give or take. 4 sticks, 20 feet give or take. 5 sticks 25 feet give or take.

How high can you get with climbing sticks?

Sectional sticks are the most popular tree-climbing method among saddle enthusiasts because sticks are safe, effective, easy to use, and you only have to hang three or four of them to reach heights of 17-22 feet if you add a lightweight climbing aider.

How high should 3 climbing sticks be?

The stick is around 30″, so with 3 sticks and 2 intervals between sticks that’s +150″. I don’t like big steps from last stick to platform so +18″. That’s 22′ max with 3 sticks and 4 screw in steps.

How many lone wolf sticks are there?

Enhance your purchase

Product Dimensions 101.6D x 27.9W x 15.2H centimeters
Style 4-Pack
Item weight 0.45 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation 350 Pounds
Number of Pieces 4

How high can you get with 4/30 climbing sticks?

Registered. With 4 sticks you can get around 16′ safely.

How long are Lone Wolf climbing sticks?


Length: 32″/stick. Weight: 2.5 lb./stick.

What is the lightest climbing sticks?

OOAL Shikar Sticks

The lightest, most packable tree stand climbing stick on the market! The SHIKAR climbing sticks are designed specifically for the run and gun bow hunter! Weighing only 24oz, the SHIKAR is the new standard in lightweight climbing sticks.

Are Lone Wolf climbing sticks good?

It is definitely nice to be able to both your feet planted. And be they're solid when you're hanging your stands. And doing stuff the double rung is nice.

What is saddle hunting?

Saddle hunting is the method of deer hunting from an elevated position using a tree hunting saddle. A hunting saddle, lineman’s belt or rock climbing harness is used to clip to a secure anchor when you reach your desired height on the tree, or you run out of climbing sticks!

How do you use tree climbing sticks?

Just set it on the ground. And then take your strap part here hang it on the top of that one right there or with. This one here. The way you can do same thing just lean it on the ground on the tree.

What is the maximum length of time you should leave a stand attached to a tree?

two weeks

Do not leave a stand attached to a tree for more than two weeks. Never exceed the weight limit of your stand or FAS. Remember that the weight includes you plus your equipment.

How do you carry a hawk with helium climbing sticks?

To transport, I nest them together, install the bungies, and then use a 2″ web belt with a loop on each end to form a shoulder strap. First stick gets installed from the ground and use the legs on the other two sticks to hang on each side using the Kestrel tether loops. Works well with no hooks or additional cords.

How do you hang a ladder tree by yourself?

Use at least three people to erect or take down the stand use the supplied crisscross straps and stabilizer bar as directed in the owner's. Manual. While two people hold the ladder.

Does lone wolf make a ladder stand?

Lone Wolf’s Alpha 16-foot Ladder Stand weighs in at only 60 pounds total and features ladder segments that slide into position while maintaining a solid connection, making setup a breeze.

What is an orchard ladder?

A tripod orchard ladder is a portable, self-supporting ladder used in orchards and landscape maintenance, for tasks such as pruning and fruit harvesting. This type of ladder should not be used as an all-purpose ladder. They are designed with a flared base and a tripod pole that provides support on soft, uneven ground.

How do you make a ladder deer stand?

To raise your ladder stand, first make sure all obstructions between the ladder and tree are removed, then lay the ladder facedown. With the feet about 60 inches from the base of the tree, use a hammer to stake down the bottom rung with the U stake.

Where should I place my deer stand?

Morning and Evening Considerations For morning hunts, hang a stand on a trail between the food source and a known bedding area like a swamp or thick ravine. It is a good idea to stay within 50 yards from a food source. Any further and you run the risk of bumping the deer from the beds.

How do you put up the millennium tree stand?

You can get them anywhere. And just get a pack of and secure the bottom of the stand and what you can do is when you have the stamp fold it up if you'll take that can of strap.

What happened to Big Game Treestands?

GSM Outdoors, LLC, a multi-brand manufacturer and technology innovator of premium, specialized hunting and shooting products, announces the acquisition of Muddy Outdoors, Hawk, and Big Game Treestands.

What size tree stand do I need?

For size, it should have an opening wide enough to accommodate a roughly 4- to 6-inch trunk diameter—that’s the ballpark thickness of your typical Christmas tree, which has a height of 6 or 7 feet, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

Who owns muddy outdoors?

Mainstream Holdings

Mainstream Holdings, owner of API Outdoors, Eyecon Trail Cameras and Big Game Treestands, has acquired Muddy Outdoors. Muddy Outdoors, currently located in Albia, Iowa, is a high-end tree stand and safety harness supplier. Along with the Muddy line comes a full line of scent control products under the Xecute brand.

Where are Hawk treestands made?

We design and engineer all of our products in-house at our Frankenmuth, MI headquarters.