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How has the Three Gorges Dam benefited China?

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Asked by: John Fishburne

When construction began in 1994, it was designed not only to generate electricity to propel China’s breakneck economic growth, but also to tame China’s longest river, shield millions of people from fatal floods and, as a symbol of technological prowess, become a searing point of national pride.

What are the benefits of the Three Gorges Dam for China?

On one hand, the benefits of the Three Gorges Dam are flood control, power generation, navigation, aquaculture, tourism, ecological protection, environmental purification, development-oriented resettlement, transfer of water from southern China to northern China, and water supply and irrigation.

What are the positives and negatives of the Three Gorges Dam?

Dam construction has played significant roles in flood control, irrigation, navigation, and energy supply; however, the enormous negative effects, such as landslides, ecological problems, and water quality decline, could surpass positive gains.

Is the Three Gorges Dam good for the environment?

That biodiversity is threatened as the dam floods some habitats, reduces water flow to others, and alters weather patterns. Economic development has spurred deforestation and pollution in surrounding provinces in central China, endangering at least 57 plant species, including the Chinese dove tree and the dawn redwood.

What are the pros and cons of the Three Gorges Dam quizlet?

Terms in this set (13)

  • Stopped water. Pro.
  • Conducts electricity. Pro.
  • Creates more jobs. Pro.
  • Saving lives. Pro.
  • Can hold floods. Pro.
  • City floods. Con.
  • Forced to evacuate. Con.
  • No good soil. Con.

What are the environmental and societal benefits of the Three Gorges Dam?

On one hand, the dam provides clean energy, which reduces burning of fossil fuels and improves air quality; it also reduces flooding. [1,3] On the other hand, it has a significant amount of social and environmental impacts, making it important to question whether the dam is having positive or negative affects in China.

What impact does the Three Gorges Dam have on the environment?

The dam will flood some animal and plant habitats, while leaving others high and dry. Pollution in the water will make it impossible for many fish to survive. Three Gorges threatens more than 400 plant species, including the Chinese dove tree and dawn redwood, as well as a number of fish and the rare Baiji dolphin.

Does the Three Gorges Dam slow the Earth’s rotation?

According to NASA’s estimations, the dam merely delays the rotation of the Earth by 0.06 microseconds. The rotation of the Earth is really slowed rather frequently by other causes such as the position of the moon, earthquakes, and even recently proved climate change.

What might be a positive effect of the Three Gorges Dam quizlet?

Overall the dam will have a positive effect on China’s economy as the dam aids the navigability of the Yangtze by making it slower and deepening the channel. This will help increase the trade capacity of the river which acts as one of the largest transportation networks for trade within China.

How does the Three Gorges Dam improve Yangtze River trade?

Located in the middle reach of Yangtze River, the Three Gorges Dam raises the water level in its upper stream and greatly improve the waterway conditions from Chongqing to Yichang, totaling 660 kilometers (410 miles). In dry season, the water in its lower reaches can get ample supply to ensure regular water transport.

Why did China build the Three Gorges Dam quizlet?

What’s the main reason they created the dam? They created the dam to stop the major floods because the Yangtze river would have a major flood every 10 years and it would wipe out thousands of homes.

Why does Japan have so little livable space?

Because much of Japan’s land does not lend itself to development, with the exception of Hokkaido, lack of space is a permanent problem. The space squeeze is most serious in cities and particularly acute in such huge metropolitan centers as Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo and numerous other urban areas.

What is the Three Gorges Dam intended to do quizlet?

It started because of the devastation floods in the Yangtze drainage basin and was built to reduce the risk of flooding for the growing population downstream. It was also built to generate HEP and diversify China’s energy mix from it’s dependence on coal and to fuel economic growth.