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How does one get past mental running barriers?

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Asked by: Steven Kishore

9 Tips to Help Beginner Runners Overcome Common Mental Blocks (And Run Longer and Faster)

  1. Goals, goals, goals.
  2. A trick of time scales.
  3. Social support.
  4. Music yourself into action.
  5. Bored?
  6. Combating negative thoughts.
  7. Indulge your strengths.
  8. Present moment focus.

How do you mentally prepare for a running race?

Here are five tips from top coaches and sport psychologists on how to mentally prepare to race your best when the gun goes off.

  1. Boost your confidence through visualization. …
  2. Find the optimal zone. …
  3. Accept negative thoughts and then say goodbye to them. …
  4. Begin your mental race preparation routine early. …
  5. Enjoy the moment.