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How do you go up the stairs with one leg?

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Asked by: Craig Elliott

How do you go up and down stairs with one leg on crutches?

First sorry to go downwards make sure you're close to the edge of the stairs. Bring the crutches. Down step then the bad leg. And then bring good leg down to join them.

How do you go up stairs without weight-bearing legs?

When going upstairs with crutches non-weight-bearing, begin close to the bottom step. Push down on the handgrips as you step up with your healthy leg, then bring the crutches up next. Check your balance before you continue to the next step. If there is a sturdy handrail available, place both crutches under one arm.

When going upstairs with crutches which leg goes first?


  1. Step up with your strong leg first.
  2. Bring the crutches up, one in each arm.
  3. Place your weight on the strong leg and then bring your weak leg up.

Can you go upstairs with crutches?

Okay. The other alternative Brad would be to have someone take one of the crutches down for you or right if you if you're with somebody right. Now if there are no rails. And you just upstairs you

How do you go upstairs with crutches without weight bearing?

If there is a sturdy handrail. Available place both crutches under one arm holding the rail with the opposite arm. Step up with the healthy leg first and the crutches.

How do you get up stairs without crutches?

Keep climbing holding on balancing yourself use the small step as another step so I put my knee on the landing. My knee on the step. And then I just move this step.

How do you climb stairs after ankle surgery?

Going Up Stairs On Your Buttocks – Daily Activities After Left Foot or Ankle Surgery

  1. When at the top of the stairs, use a stool to chair setup to ease the transition from the floor to standing.
  2. Do not forget to have a caregiver bring your assistive device to use when you get to the top of the stairs.

Can you use a walker for non-weight bearing?

Your physician may prescribe you a walker if you are not supposed to put any weight on your injured foot, ankle or leg. This is the non-weight bearing period of your recovery.

How do you walk without weight bearing?

Put your weight through your hands and hop with the good leg onto the first step then move the crutches to the same step and gain your balance repeat.

How do you get up stairs with a broken leg?

To use a cane or crutch correctly when ascending or descending stairs:

  1. Hold onto the railing with one hand and place the cane or crutch on the opposite side of your injured leg.
  2. Lift your stronger leg onto the step when going up and start with the injured leg when going down.

How do people survive non weight bearing?

Exercising While Non-Weight Bearing

  1. Exercising with resistance bands while you’re sitting down.
  2. Lifting weights (while seated or when using a hands-free crutch)
  3. Limited yoga or calisthenics.
  4. Isometric exercises.
  5. Swimming or water aerobics.

How do you walk on one leg with crutches?

Hold your crutches firmly between your ribcage and your arms. Keep your injured leg bends while walking. Place your crutches a normal step size ahead of your body.

How can I walk with just one leg?

To walk with one crutch, place it under the arm opposite your injured leg. Additionally, position the crutch about 3 to 4 inches away from the mid-point of the outside of your foot for the best stability. As you walk, move the crutch about 12 inches forward at the same time as you step forward with your injured leg.

What can I use instead of crutches?

Hands-free options like knee scooters and walkers work well for people whose knees are in great shape and just have a foot or ankle injury. Like our M+D Crutches, knee scooters/walkers don’t put strain on hands, wrists or armpits—so that’s a huge plus!