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How do you fix a pull string on a chainsaw?

3 min read

Asked by: Habtamu Kadari

How do you fix a pull string that won’t retract?

I'm just going to turn counterclockwise. One turn on this one if the rope was out further I would go two turns counterclockwise. And with this recoil here one turn counterclockwise fix.

How do you reattach a pull cord?

But I've already replaced it you're gonna take this and spin it by hand against the spring. You keep spinning it over and over. Until you get to the point where you have a lot of tension.

How do you put a spring back on a chainsaw pull cord?

And we can see this is clockwise. And so simply put when it's all in situ inside the recoil housing the recoil pulley sits on top of the recoil spring just like this.

How do you fix pull string?

And then place the knot in the pocket on the starter pulley. Now I'm going to hold the rope and remove the screwdriver. And slowly allow the rope to coil back into the pulley.

Why does my pull cord get stuck?

Problems With the Recoil Mechanism

Sometimes the pull cord crosses over itself when rewinding, and when this happens, it can get stuck. You may be able to free it by pulling it gently to coax it out to its full length, then letting it rewind slowly.

How do you tension a pull start?

And apply – double knot at the end. So with that done we can go ahead and draw the handle back together. And the same with the other end at the recoil drawn all the way through. Once this is done.

How do you rewind a recoil spring?

In first I just align the tab on the spring with the notch and the housing. And then I just wind the spring back into the housing. And that's how simple it is to rewind a starter spring.

How do you replace a pull cable?

In here we've got a red cable a cable with a brown sleeve on it that's indicating it's the switch to life. And a cable here with green and yellow sleepers on earth cable.

How does a pull start recoil work?

Recoil start

When the rope’s grip is pulled, the rope uncoils, tensions the spring, engages the clutch and turns the crankshaft, spinning it to crank or start the engine before the end of the pull stroke. The running of the engine then disengages the clutch.

How do you fix a broken rope?

Light it let's start burning the end. Take your fingers and just pinch it up a little bit just like.

How do you replace a pull string light?

Now you can tuck the wires into the box. And attach it with the screws. Put in a light bulb attach your chain or string to the chain that's coming out of the pull chain. And then turn on the power.

How do you replace the pull cord on a Husqvarna chainsaw?

Turn the cover over to reveal the pull cord and the spring-loaded reel in the center as you can see the reel is put under pressure by turning it clockwise and the tension is released counterclockwise.

How do you start a chainsaw without a cord?

There are four different ways to start a chainsaw easier or without pulling the cord:

  1. you can also start your chainsaw with a drill.
  2. Spring-assisted starting system.
  3. Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) or Memory power ignition (MPI)
  4. Automatic High idle mechanism.

How do you fix a pull cord on a Poulan chainsaw?

Tie an other simple overhand knot in the end of the rope I want to keep that tag end as short as I can pull that knot up into the opening on the handle.