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How do you do color guard moves?

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Asked by: Travis Bremer

How do you twirl a color guard flag?

You're going to take your left hand off of the pole. And you're going to bring the pole down into your left hand as you bring it down you'll notice your thumb is up toward the flag.

What are the commands for color guard?

(c) The Color sergeant commands Color guard, HALT; Right, FACE; Present, ARMS; and Order, ARMS. Upon completion of Order Arms the color bearers, without command, retrieve the colors and assume the Carry Position. (d) The Color sergeant commands Left, FACE and Forward, MARCH. The Color guard exits the area.

How do you make color guard choreography?

How it feels to do the choreography that you're doing that's one of the reasons I always use a flag that's a weighted exactly the same way as our show Flags in order to write the choreography.

Do you have to be flexible to do color guard?

Now, it is not required by most color guards that you are physically fit, but it will help you so much during all of the practices and games. Another thing to do is to strengthen your wrists.

How do you spin a color guard rifle?

To your side and press against your hip your right arm which is holding your rifle is going to be at a ninety degree angle. It's going to be tucked in to your body.

How do you toss a color guard rifle?

Here just open your hands the gun is going to rotate around one full time and you're going to catch it with your right hand in the small. And your left hand on the nose.

What does color guard do on eyes right?

When passing in review, the Color guard executes eyes right at the prescribed saluting distance on the command of the Color sergeant. The commands are Eyes, RIGHT and Ready, FRONT. The organizational color salutes at the command RIGHT, and resumes the carry at the command FRONT.

How do you post colors?

Posting the colors requires that a color guard team move the colors (usually the American flag, the state flag, the service flag, and the unit flag) from a carried position and placed into a stand. This formality is normally done at events such as graduation ceremonies and public events.

Can a color guard perform an about face?

The color guard marches at the normal cadence of 112-120 thirty-inch steps per minute (quick time). While marching, the members of the Color Guard do not swing their free arms. The color guard does not execute To the Rear March, About Face, or Flanking movements.

How do I prepare for color guard tryouts?

So make sure you go to bed early do whatever you need to do drink. Some tea listen to a white noise. Machine. Whatever you need to get the best sleep of your life. The night before the audition.

Is color guard hard to learn?

Every season, colour guards rehearse several times a week to prepare for competitions. They make it look easy, but it takes a huge amount of skill to gracefully spin and toss colour guard equipment.

Is color guard a dance?

Colorguard has many similar elements to dance and cheerleading. They dance, support the football team, are stereotypically female-dominated, involve routines and require members to look their best at all times with flashy makeup, hair and uniforms.

Is colorguard a real sport?

Color Guard is not officially recognized as a sport, but because of its strenuous physical demands and its competitive nature, it fits the definition of a sport. Color Guard is an activity that involves skill as well as physical exertion performed with a team that competes against others for entertainment.

How do I start color guard?

Just below the other hand. And you're going to grab under. Your other hand always grab under when you're doing drop space.