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How do I winterize my bottom drain pool?

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Asked by: Tyler Young

How do you seal a bottom pool drain?

Because this pool is drained the water is pushing in through this hole. The way I'm going to fix this is by using this cement. All is very fine and I'm going to mix it by hand in this bucket.

What are the drains at the bottom of my pool?

The main drain for a pool is a suction port that should be located at the deepest point on the pool floor. A main drain is responsible for aiding in the circulation and filtration of the pool water. Having a properly working and dedicated main drain line can also allow you to fully drain your pool if necessary.

How do I add antifreeze to my pool line?

So let's start by adding the half gallon antifreeze there's nothing tricky about it you simply pour it down the open hole in the bottom of your. Skimmer.

Is it necessary to put antifreeze in pool lines?

First off, should you use antifreeze as part of the pool closing process? The answer is — it’s not necessary if you properly blew out the lines. That task gets water out of the pipes so they don’t freeze during winter. But if you properly winterized your pool, there should be no need to add antifreeze.

How do you close an inground pool with a bottom drain?

Turn the blower on and wait for the bubbles to emerge in the main drain. Let that continue for 30 seconds or so and with the blower still running close the valve.

What does the bottom drain of an inground pool do?

Main Drain: The main drain is typically located at the deepest point of the pool and is used to lower the water level, however its primary purpose is to circulate water from the bottom of the pool. It is recommended that about 1/3rd of the circulated water come from the main drain.

Should a pool have a bottom drain?

Water always finds the lowest point and if you do not have bottom drains it will take more effort to circulate, treat and heat water in the deep end.

How do I plug my pool drain?

Locate the small hole at the bottom of the main drain. This is the plumbing line to the filter. Plug the small hole with an expandable rubber plug or a plastic threaded plug, if the hole is threaded. Replace the main drain lid if needed.

How do I know if my pool bottom drain is working?

The test is as simple as this: put a leaf on your main drain. If it floats around a bit, your main drain isn’t working, which usually means that it’s clogged up with debris. If the leaf sticks, your main drain is in working order.

How much antifreeze is needed to close a pool?

you will need one gallon of non-toxic swimming pool antifreeze for each 25 feet of underground line to and from the pool (including all skimmer lines, all returns, and the main drain).

Do you need antifreeze to close pool for winter?

Okay first off you really only need antifreeze if you have an in-ground pool you add it to the pipes uh to prevent water from freezing expanding. And bursting your pipes. However i recommend you

How many gallons of antifreeze does my pool need?

ANSWER: The standard advise is to use one gallon of pool antifreeze for every 10 feet of 1.5 inch pipe, assuming your pipe is full of water. If you are adding it to an empty pipe or nearly empty pipe, you can use much less.

How many bags of shock Do you need to winterize a pool?

This means you would use 2 bags of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water instead of one. 24 hours after you double shock the pool you can begin the closing process. Begin by adding a winter kit to your pool. The kit includes a non-chlorine shock, winterizing powder and winter stain and scale.

What chemicals do I need to winterize my pool?

What chemicals do I need to close my pool?

  • Chlorine.
  • Pool Shock.
  • Soda Ash.
  • Baking Soda.
  • Muriatic Acid.
  • Winter Algaecide.
  • Pool Antifreeze.
  • Stain and Scale Prevention.