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How do I stop swinging over the top?

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Asked by: Erica Gore

How do I stop coming over the top on a swing?

One of the best drills to use to fix an over-the-top swing is by taking an alignment stick and placing it in the ground about three feet behind your ball and in line with your target. Then, line the angle of the alignment stick up with your club shaft at address (you may need a friend to help you with this part).

What does an over the top swing cause?

A golfer is said to swing over the top of the ball when the club comes down on a very steep angle from outside-inside. Generally this type of swing creates a a big divot that points to the left of target . The ball flight can be a pull or a pull hook to the left, or a terrible slice to the right.

How do I stop my shoulder from going over the top?

Under my left arm. Make a swing it tends to leave me to have the right arm. Direction in the downswing. And thus get the external rotation in the right shoulder that I would want.

Why do I keep coming over the top?

The first thing that we're talking about when we're coming over the top is what is over the top well basically over the top is when the golf club in the downswing is spending. Its energy going out.

Do any pro golfers swing over the top?

Craig Stadler, Craig Parry and many other champion golfers swing this way. Bruce Lietzke made a wonderful career on the PGA Tour with an “in-and-over” move. Their secret was simple: They made one move from the top of the swing.

How do you tell if you’re coming over the top?

So what do I see is the main reason for this overuse of your body. Ok too much tension in your arms. And you're not letting your arms swing.

How do I fix my swing path?

If you like is to then add the angle in a stand that wall ball or that club shaft up.

How do you stay down in golf swing?

To keep your head on that wall or on that stick as you're coming down and that is how we are moving the club in the start of the downswing. Because i can keep my head on that wall.

Why can’t I stay down in golf swing?

Very often we'll see that even if the low point for an amateur golfer is good sometimes it might come in too high. So you can see that the club would strike above that ball.

Why do I stand up in golf swing?

So if i'm standing up what ends up happening is i'll let my weight shift forward to my toes. Early that moves my hips forward and it gets my upper body standing.