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How do I sign up for CASPer test?

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Asked by: Amy Garcia

To register to complete the CASPer test, visit the CASPer website and select ‘sign-up for the CASPer test’. You will need to register at least 3 days before your preferred test date to allow for account verification and payment processing timelines.

When can I sign up for CASPer test?

Casper recommends that you register for the exam at least three days before your test date to allow enough time for account verification and payment processing. Keep in mind that different schools have different deadlines by which you must take Casper.

How much is a CASPer test?

CASPer fees consist of two components: A fee to take CASPer – $40 (CAD) A fee to distribute your results to the institutions you select – $12 (CAD) per school.

What is a good score on CASPer?

The grading of CASPer responses is done using a numerical Likert-style scale. The scale runs from 1 to 9 with 1 signifying a “unsatisfactory” response and 9 signifying a “superb” or superior one.

How many times can you take the CASPer exam?

How Many Times Can You Take a Casper Test? You can only take the Casper once per application cycle. If your medical school application is unsuccessful, you will need to take the Casper again when you reapply.

Is the CASPer test done online?

Because CASPer is administered online, you can take it on your own computer at home. There are specific dates and times the CASPer is offered, and available dates will be offered to you based on the schools you select to send your scores to.

Do I need to study for the CASPer test?

CASPer is not your traditional test, it’s not a test that requires memorization, in fact, memorizing anything isn’t going to help you on this test. You also can’t “study” for it. Instead, CASPer is assessing behavior, such as personal and professional characteristics.

Where do you take CASPer test?

CASPer does not use testing centers.
For your test, you will need access to a computer, webcam, and reliable internet connection that passes the ‘CASPer System Requirements Check’ found on the reservations page. For tips on how to prepare for the CASPer test, visit our test prep page.

Can you fail CASPer?

The CASPer is not a pass or fail test—it assesses your personal skills against the entire pool of candidates.

Does CASPer record your screen?

You will be recorded throughout the entire test, which is why a working webcam is required. This is to ensure you are taking the exam according to the regulations provided and not cheating in any way.

Is camera on during Casper test?

Your webcam must always be on during the exam, and you must remain in view throughout every segment of the CASPer test. They do not use your picture in any manner which may affect the result of your CASPer score.

Can I take notes during Casper test?

You are permitted to use a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and a hard copy dictionary during your test. You are not allowed to have pre-written notes. Even though you are permitted to take notes during your test, please be cognizant of the 5-minute time limit given to answer each section (set of 3 questions).