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How do I prevent algae in my pool?

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Asked by: April Jenkins

How to Prevent Algae From Forming in Your Pool

  1. Algae thrive in pools with unbalanced chemical and pH levels. Check your chemical levels at least every few days. …
  2. Ensure that your filtration system is working properly. …
  3. Use your pool. …
  4. Cover your pool when it’s not in use. …
  5. The use of algaecides can prevent algae growth.

What causes algae in swimming pools?

Pool algae occurs for many reasons. Low or inconsistent chlorine levels, faulty pool filtration and poor water circulation may be to blame. Preventing pool algae from flourishing helps to keep your pool operational so you can enjoy it all season long. The key to an algae-free pool is regular maintenance.

Does shock kill algae?

When your pool water is green or contains visible algae clumps, your pool does not have enough chlorine. “Shocking” the pool with a large dose of chlorine is the most effective way to kill the existing algae and bring your pool back to sanitary conditions.

Does chlorine prevent algae in a pool?

Chlorine is still one of the most effective killers of algae so doing a super-chlorination of 10-20 ppm of chlorine can go a long way towards wiping out the algae. Liquid chlorine is an ideal shock for algae because it is fast acting and does not add cyanuric acid (CYA) or calcium to the water.

What naturally kills algae in a pool?

Natural Cleaning Agents for Pools
Baking soda: This is a great cleaning agent in general that also works well in swimming pools. The active ingredient in baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which breaks up algae and allows you to scrub it and clean it from your pool.

What is the best algae killer for pools?

5 Best Pool Algaecides for Backyard Swim Pools

  • BioGuard Algae All 60. ⭐ Best overall pick for copper-free algaecide. …
  • Clorox Pool & Spa Algae Eliminator. …
  • HTH Super Algae Guard 60. …
  • In the Swim Super Algaecide. …
  • Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue Algaecide.

Will baking soda clear a green pool?

Will baking soda clear a green pool? No. Baking soda will only raise your alkalinity and pH levels and this will not kill algae. Chlorine is what kills algae.

Should I use shock or algaecide first?

While shocking and adding algaecide is effective in getting rid of algae, it should not be done together. This is because when you mix chlorine and algaecide together, it renders both of them useless. Hence, you should first shock the pool and wait for the chlorine levels to fall below 5 PPM.

What happens if I put too much shock in my pool?

Adding too much shock or overshocking your pool will kill off algae. The negative of adding too much shock is it will upset the chemical balance of your pool. It’s likely to do that regardless of if you overshocked the pool or not. The pH will either go up or down depending on which product you used.

Why is chlorine not killing algae?

Even if you get very high chlorine reading on your test kit, the chlorine is simply not able to work at killing algae because it’s not in the right chemical form.

Why is algae growing in my pool with high chlorine?

The growth and spread of green algae is usual due to lack of sanitizer and or circulation in the swimming pool.

Why does my pool have algae if chlorine is high?

Algae will remain in your pool after shock if you’ve had insufficient chlorine and an overabundance of metal elements in the pool water. Therefore, to start the cleaning process. Remove all the debris from the pool with a leaf net and then let the smaller dirt fragments settle.