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How do I know the model of my Shimano Torney SIS Index Rear Derailleur, I have a Vertical Henox T3 bike?

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Asked by: Dan Bornschein

How do I identify my Shimano derailleur model?

Shimano stamps the rear derailleur model number on the underside/lower plate of the parallelogram.

What does Shimano SIS mean?

Shimano Indexed Shifting

Every Shimano equipped multi-gear bicycle includes Shimano S.I.S – Shimano Indexed Shifting. It’s the technology behind that “click” you hear and feel everytime you shift through your gears. That “click” captures the light, precise, and consistent shifting bikes equipped with Shimano deliver.

Where is the B screw Shimano Tourney?

Based on that tech-doc the b-tension screw is in the body of the derailleur right by the cable adjuster barrel.

What is Shimano Tourney?

Shimano Tourney is the most basic component available in Shimano’s hierarchy of groupsets. It is also the most widely seen groupset, especially derailleurs on budget bicycles. From Road, to MTB to Hybrids; The Tourney is seen on all these categories of bicycles.

How do you adjust a rear SIS derailleur?

Quote from video: The derailleur down into the small cog. Once we do that we're going to turn the barrel adjuster all the way in so that we have room to adjust it. After adjusting the cable position at the anchor.

How do I know if my derailleur is GS or SS?

Also, regarding the shape of the pulley cage, the GS has a slightly sharper curve than the SS. Sometimes the difference is so small that you can’t tell unless you look at them side by side, but you can tell by looking at them together with the length between the pulleys.

How do I know what derailleur I need?

If you are replacing an existing derailleur on a bike, simply count the number of cogs on your cassette and you’re good to go. If your drivetrain’s speed is an unknown quantity, you can count the number of steps that your shifter runs through and add ‘one’ to determine the number of gears your drivetrain has.

What is the SIS lever for?

The system features a large and small shift lever mounted on the left and right handlebars and comes in both 7-speed and 10-speed. You use shift levers to change gears, which makes it harder or easier to pedal.

Is Shimano Altus better than tourney?

Shimano Altus and Acera are definitely better than Tourney. They are lighter and operates more smooth. They aren’t as advanced as alivio but for most e-bike riders they will do the job.

How do you use a Shimano SIS shifter?

Quote from video: This will put the bike into a higher gear giving you more resistance when pedaling. This moves the rear derailleur to change the. Gear to shift down press the thumb lever.

What is the B screw on a rear derailleur?

The B-gap or B-tension screw is located at the very back of your derailleur. It pushes against a tab on your frame’s derailleur hanger, allowing you to adjust the distance between your rear derailleur’s top pulley and the cassette.

Can Shimano Tourney handle 9 speed?

Any Shimano 7-9 speed rear derailleur will work with any 7-9 speed Shimano shifter.

What are the 3 screws on a derailleur?

On most derailleurs there are three limit screws: the upper limit, Lower limit, and B-limit. The upper limit screw sets the maximum distance the derailleur can shift in high gears. The lower limit screw sets the maximum distance the derailleur can shift in the lower gears.

How do you adjust SIS gears?

Quote from video: Use the adjustment screws on top of a gearbox to adjust it if you have a problem in the middle of the pinions to switch the jeer arm. We are able to set up or adjust.

How do you fit a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur?

Quote from video: So now this can move forward you can see that this textured surface I'm gonna get your close-up interacts with the nut. On the quick-release skewer and the rear cam the rear wheel can be removed.

What is a clutched rear derailleur?

Standard rear derailleurs have a spring-loaded pulley cage that is allowed to swing freely both forwards and backwards. But in a clutched rear derailleur, there’s a small device in the pulley cage pivot that lets it pull the chain rearward as usual, but doesn’t allow the cage to freely swing forward.

How do I know what model Shimano shifter I have?

The shifter can be identified by model number, which is stamped on the plastic perch (under the rubber hood).

How can you tell ultegra?

Print. Shimano cranks are all identified with model information above or surrounding the area on the backside of the pedal threads. For example; FC-6700/6750 = Shimano Ultegra.

When did Ultegra 6700 come out?

In 2010, Shimano released the 6700 series, which evolved to be more racing oriented in terms of functions and design.

Where is the model number on Shimano brake?

The inside of the brake caliper (on the other side of the Shimano label) is a model number. Also on the bottom of the brake lever there should also be a model number.

Can you mix Shimano levers and calipers?

Yes you can use the combination you want.

What is Shimano Servo Wave?

Servo-wave is Shimano’s way of getting the leverage & power of a longer full size lever in a short stubby lever while still having decent brake pad clearance.