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How did Fat Tire get its name?

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Asked by: Jay Barnes

It is named for New Belgium’s co-founder Jeff Lebesch who rode his mountain bike through famous beer villages on “fat tires” during a trip through Europe.

Why do they call it Fat Tire?

The name ‘Fat Tire’ is a play on the nickname for mountain bicycles in Colorado. Not to be confused with a flat tire, a beer tire, or fatty tires, Fat Tire has become synonymous with any easy-drinking amber ale brewed for beer amateurs who are dipping their toes into the vast pool of craft beer.

Where did Fat Tire beer come from?

History. The Fat Tire recipe originates from a co-founder’s bicycle trip through Belgium from brewery to brewery. The company promotes its Fat Tire ale locally by the public placement of colorful vintage bicycles outside its brewery, which is located adjacent to the public bike path along the Cache La Poudre River.

Who started Fat Tire?

June. Kim and Jeff begin test brews of two beers: an amber ale—lovingly named Fat Tire—and a Belgian-style dubbel called “Abbey.” Later that month, both beers are sold for the first time at the Colorado Brewers’ Festival.

What is the meaning of fat TYRE?

A fatbike (also called fat bike, fat tire, fat-tire bike, or snow bike) is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 in (97 mm) or larger and rims 2.16 in (55 mm) or wider, designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud.

Why does Bosch drink Fat Tire?

Another trait of Bosch that carried over from the books to the screen was his preference for drinking Fat Tire beer; in the TV show, he is typically shown drinking one per episode. So to celebrate the final episode of Season 6, and to honor Harry, we all (except our dog) decided to share a Fat Tire with him.

Who invented the fat bike?

Mark Groneweld

At the Interbike trade show in late 1999, Alaskan Mark Groneweld made plans to bring Remolino rims to Alaska. Paired with his custom Wildfire Designs frame and a 3.0”-3.5” tire like the Nokian Gazzaloddi or the elusive Specialized Big Hit (both borrowed from downhill bikes), the first modern fat bikes were born.

When was Fat Tire beer invented?


Fat Tire Amber Ale was first introduced by New Belgium Brewing in 1991. The award-winning easy-drinking ale from Colorado instantly became a favorite of skiers, climbers and cyclists across small mountain towns before then establishing itself as one of America’s most popular beers.

Does New Belgium make Fat Tire?

New Belgium’s flagship beer, and current calling card, is its Fat Tire amber ale, a Belgian-inspired brew that many beer drinkers and makers credit for opening their palates to more flavorful beer.

Where is voodoo ranger from?

Who makes Voodoo Ranger? New Belgium, which has locations in Colorado and North Carolina, is the brewery behind the Voodoo Ranger beers. In 1991, co-founders Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch started New Belgium following a 1988 bicycling trip throughout Belgium.

Is it harder to pedal a Fat Tire bike?

The increased weight makes fat bikes harder to pedal on normal terrain, like asphalt and pavement. For some people, this is plus because it means you’re working a little harder while pedaling, thereby increasing the difficulty of your workout.

What’s the difference between a mountain bike and a Fat Tire bike?

The main difference between a fat bike and mountain bike is the width of the tires. Fat bike tires measure 3.8″-5.2” wide (96-132mm). For comparison, standard mountain bike tires measure 1.9”-2.6” wide (48-66mm).

Are fat bikes good on ice?

Fat bikes are winter confidence builders. Those big tires with low air pressure feel almost magically stable in snow, and, in most cases, on ice. Sure, they can slip, just like every other tire, but there is so much rubber grabbing the earth that the usual winter tentativeness vanishes.

Do fat bikes need studs?

Studded fat bike tires will run you $250-$300 A TIRE whether you buy them studded or stud them yourself. Some people will tell you they’re absolutely necessary. Others, like myself, say they’re not necessary. If you’re a strong rider you can definitely go without them.

Can you ride a fat bike in the summer?

12 months of fat
However, fat bikes are made for all seasons. Despite the association with winter, these bikes are still mountain bikes and they’re not just for pedalling through fluffy snow. Fat bikes are made to ride anywhere, over any type of landscape, especially bog-filled woods with mud.