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How deep is a 14×36 pool?

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Asked by: Dinesh Breon

How deep is a 52 inch pool?

Wall Height
Many people wished they were deeper so the manufacturers started making 52 inch tall pools so that they would hold nearly 4 feet of water at 3′ 10”.

How deep is a 42 inch pool?

42” panel = shallow end a depth of 34”-36”

How deep is a 18×36 inground pool?

How deep is pool? With this pool you can got with a flat bottom which will give you approximately a 46″ water depth or for an additional Deep End Upcharge you can go up to 8′ deep.

What is a good pool depth?

The depth and length of the swimming pool should be 5 feet and 25 feet if you want to have swim laps in it. Most people are satisfied with the standard depths of 3-5 feet in a pool with multiple depths but it cannot be a right decision if you and your spouse’s height are not suitable to those pool depths.

What is a decent size pool?

It’s recommended having a depth fewer than six feet to meet most pool needs. For a family of six to eight people, an 18 foot by 36-foot pool is recommended. This should be sufficient to avoid crowding and allow for the playing of games. Rectangle shaped pools look best for this size.

How deep is a 16×48 pool?

48″ deep

Go Deep. No kiddie pool here, this pool goes 48″ deep, so you can immerse yourself more fully.

What is a good size above ground pool for a family of 4?

Size up your pool.
Round pools start at 12 feet in diameter, with 24-foot-diameter pools, which can fit four to five people, being the most popular choice, Carnes says. The most popular oval pools are 15 feet by 30 feet.

How deep can a backyard pool be?

For residential pools, the standard maximum depth of an inground pool is usually 8 feet. But pool builders can build deeper pools. If you plan to install a diving board, 8 feet is the minimum depth you will need in the deep end.

Is a 12×24 pool big enough?

A 12×24 foot pool has a surface area that covers 288 feet, so it should be big enough for your needs based on this rough calculation.

Can you dive in a 6 foot pool?

Department of Health Requirements: Prohibits head first diving in water depths less than 8 feet. Restricts use of starting blocks to competitive swimmers or swimmer training activities. Requires new installation (effective October 7, 1992) of starting blocks to be in the deep end in at least 6 feet of water.

How do you calculate the average depth of a pool?

To get the average depth of your pool, take the depth of the shallow end of your pool and add it to the depth of the deep end, and divide by two.

What size pool do I need for a family of 5?

For a family of 1-2 people, we recommend a minimum pool size of 14 x 25ft. For a family of 3-5 people, we recommend a minimum pool size of 16 x 32ft. For a family of 6-8 people, we recommend a minimum pool size of 18 x 36ft.

How big is a 35000 Litre pool?


Feet Metres Approx. Litres
12 x 3 3.6 x 0.9 10,000
15 x 4 4.5 x 1.2 20,000
20 x 4 6.0 x 1.2 35,000
25 x 4 7.7 x 1.2 45,000