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How can I increase bicep width?

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Asked by: Michael Needham

The exercises below will help you hit the long head (outside of the bicep) and the short head (the inside of your bicep).

  1. Best Exercises for Wider Biceps. …
  2. Hammer curl. …
  3. Alternating crossbody hammer curl.
  4. Rope crossbody hammer curl. …
  5. Concentration curl.
  6. Incline dumbbell curl.
  7. Wide grip cable preacher curl.

How can I increase my arm width?

If you want your arms to become wider, the first step is to increase the size of your triceps. The upper arm itself is made up of 3 major muscles: 50% Triceps, 30% Bicep and 20% Brachialis. Since the triceps make up 2/3 of the upper arm, this will be your main focus for getting wider arms.

Why are my biceps not growing in width?

Take care of your body: If you aren’t sleeping enough, not giving yourself the proper nutrition, or damaging your body with alcohol and stress, there’s no chance of growing those impressive bicep muscles. Lifting weights alone is not enough; a better overall health level will always lead to improved gains.

Which bicep head gives width?

Short & Long Head
So when you flex your arm like I’m doing down below, the short head is what makes up the width or thickness of the bicep with and long head is what makes that peak in the bicep.

What kills your gains?

Post Workout Habits That Are Killing Your Gains

  • Not Stretching or Cooling Down. This one tops the list because the majority of us simply NEVER do it. …
  • You Add Peanut Butter in Your Post Workout Shake. …
  • You Don’t Eat Carbs Post Workout. …
  • You Eat Like a Stray Dog After Training.

What is the hardest muscle to build?


  • Obliques. Pretty much everyone does the standard ab crunches, but crunches aren’t going to develop your obliques. …
  • Calves. …
  • Forearms. …
  • Triceps. …
  • Lower stomach.

What bodybuilders should not eat?

These include: High-fat foods: High-fat meats, buttery foods and heavy sauces or creams. High-fiber foods: Beans and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower. Carbonated beverages: Sparkling water or diet soda.

What should I not eat when building muscle?

Granola Bars. Granola bars are a combo of oats, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds with small amounts of fat and sugar. However, some granola bars also add chocolate, candy pieces, or fudge. These bars may have more calories, sugar, or fat than you realize which can sabotage your muscle-building menu.

What are signs of muscle growth?

How to tell if you’re gaining muscle

  • You’re gaining weight. Tracking changes in your body weight is one of the easiest ways to tell if your hard work is paying off. …
  • Your clothes fit differently. …
  • Your building strength. …
  • You’re muscles are looking “swole” …
  • Your body composition has changed.

Is 13 inch bicep too small?

In general, no, 13 inch biceps aren’t that big for a natural lifter because 13 inches is a normal unflexed bicep size (your flexed measurement should always be bigger than your unflexed measurement). However, circumstantially, a 13 inch bicep circumference can be big.

Are 14 inch biceps big?

Yes, having 14″ biceps at a height of 5’8″ is big and impressive if you’re fairly lean (15% body fat or lower). This is because shorter lifters naturally have shorter bones and muscle bellies.

Is 13 inch bicep big?

This means that your 13-inch biceps are actually punier than you thought. Flexed, the average upper-arm measurement for 20–29-year-old guys is likely closer to 14–15 inches.
More About 13-Inch Biceps.

Age Group Average Biceps Size (Likely Unflexed)
70–79 13.07 inches

Is 16 inch biceps good?

Generally speaking, 16 inch arms are a respectable size. In fact, anything over 14.6 inches is above average for men. And over 13.4 inches is above average for women. However, you might want to be more than “above average”.

Is a 44 inch chest big?

In most cases, a 44 inch chest works out at a size large in men’s clothing. Note that 44 inches is typically on the upper end of a size large, so you might want to size up to an XL if you’d like a more comfortable fit (or if you expect your chest to grow).

Is 20 inch biceps big?

Today, the biggest biceps in bodybuilding history — an intimidating 24 inches around — belong to the modern phenom Roelly Winklaar. But are 100% natural 20-inch arms really possible for the rest of us?
Weight Gain.

Current Biceps Size Estimated Weight Gain for 20 Inches
19 inches 25 pounds