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Electric bike chain skipping on smallest sprocket

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Asked by: Jamie Carr

Your chain skipping problem may be due to this screw being too tight, keeping the chain from shifting to the smallest ring. Try loosening this limiting screw and then shift again. You should be able to shift properly now without your bike chain slipping.

Why is my ebike chain skipping?

These include worn out or misaligned derailleur pulleys, old or malfunctioning shifters throwing off the indexing in some gears, or broken/bent teeth on one or more cassette cogs. Build up of dirt and grime on drivetrain components will also cause shifting issues, including skipping chains.

How do I fix my bike chain from skipping slipping gears?

Quote from video: Now one of the most common causes is simple derailleur adjustment on modern derailers with index shifting. The pulleys in the cage. Here should line up with the cog that the chain is on.

Why does my chain come off when I pedal hard?

If the crankset is loose, it can move sideways during pedaling, which can allow the chain to come off. So make sure the crankarms are securely attached and that there’s no side-to-side play in the crankarm or bottom bracket. Some bottom brackets can be tightened.

Why is my chain skipping?

Without enough cable tension to properly regulate your derailleur (the part of your bike that shifts the chain from one sprocket to the next), your chain will begin to skip. The most typical recommendation for fixing a skipping chain is to add tension to the rear derailleur.

What is chain slipping?

Bike chains slipping is a common issue that all bikers have to face from time to time. It happens when your chain skips between gears while you are riding, shifts twice instead of once, or refuses to shift when you change gears. Chain slipping after putting on new bike chains isn’t something unusual.

Why would a bike chain slip?

Slipped bike chains may be caused by several different problems including poor shifting technique, the chain being too long, or a worn out chain or rear casters.

What is a skipping bike chain?

Often, a skipping bike chain is due to a cable stretch. In the first few rides on a new bicycle, the cables stretch the most. They can also stretch over time as you ride. It takes cable tension to open a derailleur, which shifts the chain between gears. Adding tension to the cables will prevent cable stretch.

Why is my bike chain clicking?

A clicking noise often comes from your chain wanting to jump up or down a gear on the rear cassette. This can typically be fixed by adjusting the tension of the cable that runs from your shifter to your rear derailleur.

How tight should a bike chain be?

It should be tight enough that it only allows you to move it up and down about one inch. If it is sagging or much looser than that, you need to tighten that chain up.

What is chain drop?

The term “dropped chain” most commonly used to describe the chain falling off the front chain rings (or crank set) on the frame (the inside) or off the big (outside chainring) ring. This leaves you helpless unable to pedal. In most cases this happens when a derailleur is out of adjustment.

How do you know if your bike chain is too long?

Do a simple check on your bike by shifting the chain to the big chainring and the biggest cassette cog; then, push on the end of the derailleur cage (pushing forward) to see how much it will move forward. If it moves just a little, then you’re good. If it moves a lot, then you’ve got too much chain.

How do I know if my chainring is worn out?

Rough/noisy running is the best way to tell if a chainring needs replacing,” says Chris Mckenney of SRAM. “Unless a chainring is well beyond its service life it is very difficult to see this visually; chainring teeth slowly take on the shape of a shark’s fin in use.

How long should a bike chain last?

2,000 to 3,000 miles

Most mechanics agree that you should replace your chain about every 2,000 to 3,000 miles, depending on your riding style.

How do you stop a chain from dropping?

If your chain is coming off at the rear, it’s often a simple matter of adjusting the limit screws on your rear derailleur. If the chain is coming off the inside of the cassette, put the chain onto the smaller chainring (at the front) and the largest sprocket (at the rear).

How long does a bike cassette last?

Very Roughly: bike cassette can last between 4000 to 6000 miles, and some can last up to 10,000 miles, an equivalent of 3 to 4 chains, it depends on the quality of the cassette itself, maintenance, and riding conditions.

How do I fix my electric bike chain?

Quote from video: The. Bike i'm going to use my master link pliers to install the missing link to this chain depending on your chain. Manufacturer. You may need to use a chain breaker to push in a chain pin.

How do I tighten the chain on my electric bike?

Quote from video: Now you can use a two and a half millimeter allen key to adjust the chain tension. When you adjust the tension keep the wheel straight by pulling or pushing on the tire.

How do you put the chain back on an e bike?

Quote from video: And then all we have to do is just pedal it backwards. Making sure it's not falling off the back. And boom your chain is on.

How long should a chain last on an ebike?

2-3k miles

An average e-bike chain should be good for 2-3k miles. Depending on the type of motor and the sort of riding you will be doing, the number of miles on this can swing either way a good 20-50%. Many commuter e-bikes will hit 3.5k miles or more before needing to change their chain.

When should an ebike chain be replaced?

According to, the general rule of thumb is that the chain on an e-bike should be replaced every 2000 miles, so approximately every 3000km, but it is impossible to pinpoint an exact distance after which the chain is worn out – too many variables influence the time of replacement.