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DTSwiss rear wheel hub part name

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Asked by: Sara Goodwin

How do I identify my DT Swiss hub?

Where can I find the DT Swiss ID on my product? The DT Swiss ID sticker can be found in three positions on the rim. On the suspension products the DT Swiss ID is directly lasered onto the product.

What bearings are in DT Swiss 350 hubs?

Bearings: 4 x 6902 Shimano, 2 x 6902 + 2 x 6802 (XD)

What bearings are in DT Swiss hubs?

SINC ceramic ball bearings have been developed by DT Swiss as a system. They are based on balls made from silicon nitride (Si3N4), an extremely tough and wear- and corrosion-resistant ceramic material.

How do I know what type of hub I have?

Quote from video: Now the first piece you want to look at is the main body of the hub. Sometimes known as the shell of the hub. And you'll notice it's got these two ridges here these are the flanges.

Are there fake DT Swiss hubs?

All products go through long-term development, are thoroughly tested to meet standards and offer high levels of safety to protect cyclists. The properties and patented technologies of DT Swiss products unfortunately mean that they often fall victim to counterfeiters.

Are DT Swiss hubs interchangeable?

DT Swiss MTB hubs are extremely versatile. DT Swiss endcap adapters easily convert stock hubs to QR, 9mm thru bolt, 12mm thru, 15mm thru, or 20mm thru with the use of a vise and the Park Tool AV-5 Axle Vise Tool.

What size bearings are in a DT Swiss 240 hub?

Bearings: 2 x 6902, 2 x 6802.

How do you remove DT Swiss 350 bearings?

Quote from video: And then just come through with the butt of my hand and give the wheel a quick hit upward and that will pop that end cap off of there. So like you're going to see I'm just lifting slightly.

How do you grease a DT Swiss hub?

Quote from video: We have two ratchets. Two springs and a spacer sleeve. We can go ahead and put that spacer sleeve on there.

What size is a 6902 bearing?


This 6902 bearing is a Open Type Thin Section Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearing with a standard radial internal clearance. The bearing’s dimensions are 15x28x7.

How do you remove bearings on a free hub?

Quote from video: Side bearing tap it out gently with the hammer. Going around the perimeter symmetrically to try and tap the bearing out as straight as possible to avoid damage to the inner hub surface.

What is ceramic bearing?

Quote from video: Похожие запросы

What is the difference between DT Swiss 240 and 180?

Quote from video: The 240. And the 180 both come stock with a 36 tooth. All three of these can be upgraded to the 54 tooth although they do use some different internal bits to be able to do that.

How do you grease a DT Swiss hub?

Quote from video: We have two ratchets. Two springs and a spacer sleeve. We can go ahead and put that spacer sleeve on there.

How do you measure a rear hub?

Quote from video: Very very carefully. Taking my ruler. And i can see that this one is 15 millimeters. So there we go that's how we measure the hub width. And through axle diameter. Now because we work in the bike.

How many points of engagement does a DT Swiss 370 have?

If you have a DT Swiss 360 or 370 hub, these hubs use 3-pawls for engagement, and the points of engagement number cannot be changed. They use a completely different design.

Is ratchet better than pawls?

Ratchet systems are generally spoken stronger, more reliable and need less maintenance compared to traditional pawl systems. Biggest reason for this is that the power transferred from the drivetrain to the wheel is spread of a larger surface. In general hubs that are “louder” usually have more engagement points.

How many pawls does DT Swiss 350 have?

DT Swiss Updates 350 Hub & Launches Ratchet Upgrade System – Pond Beaver 2021. DT Swiss has introduced a new version of the classic 350 Hub alongside a new ratchet upgrade system to convert their three-pawl hub systems to DT’s Ratchet LN design.