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DT swiss 370 hub ends in a thread, what is is for?

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Asked by: Cynthia Rivera

Can a DT Swiss 370 hub be upgraded?

If you have a DT Swiss rear hub that uses a traditional pawl-type driver mechanism (like a DT Swiss 370 hub and similar OEM wheels that use the same mechanism), the company now offers an official Ratchet LN upgrade kit that makes it easier to upgrade to the more durable star ratchet system.

Is DT Swiss 370 ratchet?

The Ratchet LN System is designed for 370 hubs equipped with the pawl system. These hubs have been developed with a freehub system seal placed on the freehub body, while the latest DT Swiss hubs have their freehub system seal placed on the hub shell.

How do I identify my DT Swiss hub?

Where can I find the DT Swiss ID on my product? The DT Swiss ID sticker can be found in three positions on the rim. On the suspension products the DT Swiss ID is directly lasered onto the product.

How do I change Swiss to freehub DT?

Quote from video: It's just the o-ring inside the end cap that's actually holding it on believe it or not there's still quite obviously talk to remove so there's no a lot grease on them from the factory.

Which is better ratchet or pawls?

Pawl vs ratchet

In theory, the larger number of ring-based contacts in a ratchet should be more reliable and transmit force better, although in practice pawl-based systems are well enough engineered that this is unlikely to be an issue if they’re maintained regularly.

How do I make my DT Swiss hub louder?

Quote from video: Way now with the less teeth the less noise i make the more teeth the more noise i make so those are the stock. Ones.

How many points of engagement does a DT Swiss 370 hub have?

If you have a DT Swiss 360 or 370 hub, these hubs use 3-pawls for engagement, and the points of engagement number cannot be changed.

What is DT Swiss star ratchet?

DT Swiss Star Ratchet Upgrade Kits allow you to increase the speed of gearbox engagement for faster power transfer. Most Classic DT Swiss hubs come factory equipped with an 18T ratchet yielding 20 degrees of rotation between engagement points. EXP hubs come factory equipped with 36T ratchets.

Can you upgrade a freehub?

Yes. You can replace just the hub, but you’ll likely need new spokes, and a decent mechanic will charge $50+ for the job. Unless you have a really nice rim, that’s not worth it. Buying a new wheel makes more sense.

Are there fake DT Swiss hubs?

Fakes are often offered at a fraction of the original price. Compare the selling price with other offers. If the price is well below the average, this is a clear warning signal. One of the most frequently counterfeited DT Swiss product is the Ratchet System.

How do I know what type of hub I have?

Quote from video: Now the first piece you want to look at is the main body of the hub. Sometimes known as the shell of the hub. And you'll notice it's got these two ridges here these are the flanges.

Are DT Swiss hubs interchangeable?

DT Swiss MTB hubs are extremely versatile. DT Swiss endcap adapters easily convert stock hubs to QR, 9mm thru bolt, 12mm thru, 15mm thru, or 20mm thru with the use of a vise and the Park Tool AV-5 Axle Vise Tool.

What hubs do pro cyclists use?

The distinctive green hubs are Chris King R45s. They use lightweight hub bodies and bearings that are made in-house. The rear hub features a RingDrive system with 45 teeth for fast engagement.

What is the purpose of pawls in hubs?


This allows the hub to have a responsive 3 or 3.75 degree engagement, translating into faster and more efficient power transfer. 3 CLAWS ON EACH PAWL maximizes contact points while spreading the driving force over a larger surface area, thereby prolonging the life span of the cassette body.

Why are some Freehubs loud?

Quote from video: Похожие запросы

How many points of engagement does a DT Swiss 370 hub have?

If you have a DT Swiss 360 or 370 hub, these hubs use 3-pawls for engagement, and the points of engagement number cannot be changed.

What is the difference between DT Swiss 240 and 350?

The DT Swiss 350 line offers the same manufacturing quality and design features found in its higher end counterpart, the DT Swiss 240s. The main difference between the hub lines stems from the fact that the 240s has been machine optimized for weight savings and the 350 has not.

Which DT Swiss hub is best?

If budget is a consideration for you, then the new 350, which costs less than $300, is unbeatable. As we saw, it’s also a little bit quieter than the new 240, so if you want an ultra quiet hub, the 350 is the best option. The new DT 350 and 240 mountain bike hubs, side by side.

Are DT Swiss hubs loud?

I’ve noticed since getting deep carbon wheels that they act as amplifiers, which can make loud hubs too loud for comfort, and made a big mistake going for DT swiss 54t ratchet 350s which simply sound like your bike is broken with a loud oscillating buzz.