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Does Fitbit Flex Count Indoor Rowing Machine Strokes?

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Asked by: Matt Hall

but per the review, not strokes rowed. Your only real option to accurately record your stroke count is to upgrade the rowing machine to one that includes a Bluetooth based stroke tracker.

Can Fitbit track rowing?

Rowing isn’t supported (and probably won’t as it’s “not currently planned” according to Fitbit) by any Fitbit device. As workaround, you can use Workout as generic type of activity and rename it later.

Does Fitbit versa 2 have rowing?

There is no rowing mode, however – you’ll have to use the workout mode for that. As on all trackers these modes differ only in name, showing the same stats, with duration, heart rate and calories burned being the key ones.

How do you track a rower?

And manageable way to track your improvement in progress on. The machine each workout. Now these other units do have their time in place if you're doing a 10 stroke maximal effort power row.

Can Fitbit connect to Concept2 rower?

If you have a Concept 2 rower, you can download Strava and LiveRowing apps. Link LiveRowing to the Concept2 log and to Strava then link Strava to Fitbit. That’s it! All your stats will show up on Fitbit app and no need to start a separate workout on your tracker …..

How does Fitbit versa track rowing?

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  1. Tap the “+” icon.
  2. Tap track exercise.
  3. Enter your exercise and information.
  4. Tap log it.
  5. Sync.

How do I add rows to my Fitbit sense?

Once you finish and sync your tracker to your account, you can go into the exercises log section and choose the latest exercise which will appear as a workout and you will see the option to re categorize the exercise as something else and there you can choose “Rowing”. Hope this helps.

Can versa 3 track rowing?

AZM and workout intensity maps Fitbit Versa 3

It features Amazon Alexa, smart pay, and music play, stream, and storage, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you’re out on the water or rowing indoors.

Can you add rowing to Fitbit Charge 3?

Also, for the moment, you can manually log rowing as an exercise using the Fitbit app or dashboard. Hope this helps. Keep me posted! Like my response?