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Do you need to put antifreeze in your pool lines?

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Asked by: Andrea Rozeboom

Do Use Antifreeze – Antifreeze in the lines of an inground pool will help ensure the lines do not crack or split due to freezing in the winter. A buried cracked line can be difficult to find without a special leak detection test, which can be costly to have done.

Is it necessary to put antifreeze in pool lines?

First off, should you use antifreeze as part of the pool closing process? The answer is — it’s not necessary if you properly blew out the lines. That task gets water out of the pipes so they don’t freeze during winter. But if you properly winterized your pool, there should be no need to add antifreeze.

How do I put antifreeze in my pool lines?

Next you'll just want to plug the skimmer. This will keep rainwater from filling that. Line. Once the plug is tight and secure you can drop another half-full bottle of antifreeze.

Should I put antifreeze in my pool filter?

Using antifreeze in your equipment can cause damage, as the salts and glycol will react with metals and rubbers. Antifreeze also reacts dangerously with chlorine, so be sure not to add it to a chlorinator. It will gum up a pool filter. I repeat, do not use antifreeze in your equipment.

How much antifreeze should I put in my pool?

ANSWER: The standard advise is to use one gallon of pool antifreeze for every 10 feet of 1.5 inch pipe, assuming your pipe is full of water. If you are adding it to an empty pipe or nearly empty pipe, you can use much less.