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Did Kerry Wood throw a no hitter?

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Asked by: Kara Wilson

OTD in 1998, Kerry Wood threw arguably the greatest pitching performance ever. Cody relives the magical moment from 1998. Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game is still one of the most dominate performances ever by a major league pitcher.

Did Kerry Wood pitch a perfect game?

Cubs: Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout performance is the greatest game ever pitched. On May 6, 1998, Wood took his electric pitch arsenal to the mound against a loaded Astros team that would go on to win 102 games and finish first in the NL Central that season.

How fast was Kerry Wood’s fastball?

95.4 miles per hour

In 2003, Wood set career highs with 266 strikeouts, 14 wins (as part of a 14–11 record), a 3.20 ERA, and two shutouts. He threw the fastest fastball in the majors among starters, averaging 95.4 miles per hour.

Is Kerry Wood a Hall of Famer?

Wood, Zambrano off HOF ballot; Sosa drops

The Hall of Fame announced Wednesday that four players were elected into Cooperstown: Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman. Wood, on the ballot for the first time with Zambrano, received two votes from BBWAA members.

Who has thrown a perfect game?

No pitcher has ever thrown more than one. The perfect game thrown by Don Larsen in game 5 of the 1956 World Series is the only postseason perfect game in major league history and one of only two postseason no-hitters.

How many no hitters did Kerry Wood have?

That was it. Wood threw 122 pitches, including 84 strikes. Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game should have been a no-hitter. In the history of baseball at the highest level, there have been 23 perfect games, but only five times has a pitcher fanned 20 batters while throwing no more than nine innings.

What pitches did Kerry Wood throw?

In 2012, he relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (95mph) and Cutter (91mph), also mixing in a Curve (77mph). He also rarely threw a Slider (81mph) and Change (90mph). In 2012, compared to other RHP: His fourseam fastball has slightly above average velo and has slightly less natural movement than typical.

Who threw the fastest pitch ever?

Fastest pitch ever thrown

As a result, Aroldis Chapman is credited with throwing the fastest pitch in MLB history. On Sept. 24, 2010, Chapman made MLB history. Then a rookie relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, the fireballer unleashed a fastball clocked at 105.1 mph by PITCH/fx.

Who hit the farthest home run ever?

Joey Meyer

In 1987, Joey Meyer, playing for the Triple-A Denver Zephyrs, launched this ball astonishing 582 feet home run. Joey Meyer’s home run is the longest homer ever recorded on video. Meyer made it to the Majors next year with the Milwaukee Brewers. Here is the longest verified home run in professional baseball history!

How fast was Bob Gibson fastball?

91.9 mph

Bob Gibson’s average fastball velocity was 91.9 mph!

Has there ever been an 81 pitch game?

Nebraska—wearing uniform number 18, Don Larsen’s number—strikes out all 27 batters on three pitches each, making it an 81-pitch “super-perfect” game.

Has anyone ever pitched a 27 pitch game?

Necciai is best remembered for the unique feat of striking out 27 batters in a nine-inning game, which he accomplished in the Class-D Appalachian League team, the Bristol Twins on May 13, 1952. He is the only pitcher ever to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game.

Who is the best pitcher of all time?

1. Walter Johnson

5,914 417 156.3

Who has the 2nd most no-hitters?

Sandy Koufax

He is the only major leaguer to have thrown no-hitters in regular season and postseason play. Ryan holds the record for most no-hitters in a career, with seven. Sandy Koufax is second on the list with four no-hitters. The first black pitcher to toss a no-hitter was Sam Jones who did it for the Chicago Cubs in 1955.

Who threw the most no-hitters?

Nolan Ryan

The pitcher who holds the record for the most no-hitters, with seven in his career, is Nolan Ryan.

Who has the most 1 hitters in MLB history?

4+ One-Hitters Since 1920

Rk Player SO
1 Nolan Ryan 145
2 Bob Feller 91
3 Don Sutton 34
4 Steve Carlton 50

Who has broke the most bats in MLB history?

Pete Rose is the all-time leader in at bats with 14,053. Rose is also the only player in MLB history with more than 13,000 career at bats. There are only 29 players in MLB history that have reached 10,000 career at bats, with Albert Pujols being the only one active.

What catcher has caught the most innings?

Most Innings Caught in a Career: Ivan Rodriguez has the most innings caught by a catcher in a career with 20,348 innings caught.

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