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Did Cliff Lee win a World Series?

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Asked by: Steven Bithar

During his career, Lee was a member of five All-Star teams, won the Cy Young Award, and had consecutive World Series appearances in with the Phillies and Texas Rangers.

Cliff Lee
Win–loss record 143–91
Earned run average 3.52
Strikeouts 1,824

When did the Phillies win World Series?

The Phillies have won two World Series championships (against the Kansas City Royals in 1980 and the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008) and seven National League pennants, the first of which came in 1915.

Who won the 2009 World Series MVP?

Matsui was the series’ MVP despite starting only the three games that were played at Yankee Stadium, since the designated hitter position is not used in NL ballparks.

2009 World Series
Venue Yankee Stadium (New York) Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia)
MVP Hideki Matsui (New York)

Who has won the most World Series?

The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees hold the most World Series titles, 27, while the St. Louis Cardinals come next in line, with 11.

Who won the most World Series?

The New York Yankees of the AL have played in 40 World Series, winning 27 – the most championship appearances and most victories by any team in the four major North American professional sports leagues.

How many World Series have the Philadelphia Phillies won?

Philadelphia Phillies, American professional baseball team based in Philadelphia that plays in the National League (NL). The Phillies have won seven NL pennants and two World Series titles () and are the oldest continuously run, single-name, single-city franchise in American professional sports.

Who is the only player to throw a no hitter in the World Series?

Larsen pitched the sixth perfect game in MLB history, doing so in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series. It is the only no-hitter and perfect game in World Series history and is one of only two no-hitters in MLB postseason history (the other being Roy Halladay‘s in 2010).

What player has the most World Series Mvps?

Sandy Koufax and Jack Morris are the only players to win the Babe Ruth Award twice while Bob Gibson, Reggie Jackson and Sandy Koufax (again) are the only players to win the World Series Most Valuable Player Award twice!

Who was the youngest athlete to play in a World Series?

Jones became the youngest player ever to homer in the World Series at the age of 19 years, 180 days, breaking Mickey Mantle‘s record of 20 years, 362 days — on what would have been Mantle’s 65th birthday. Jones joined Gene Tenace as the only other player to hit home runs in his first two World Series at bats.

What player has won the most World Series with different teams?

Players with the Most World Series Rings

Player Years Played Teams
Bill Skowron 1954-1967 New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers
Gene Woodling 1943-1962 New York Yankees
Bobby Brown 1946-1954 New York Yankees
Johnny Hopp 1939-1952 St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees

Who is the youngest player to hit a HR in the World Series?

Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones, played 17 major league seasons between , hitting 434 home runs and winning 10 Gold Gloves, before moving to Japan where he won a Japan Series title in his first season in 2013. Jones won one home run title and was the youngest player in World Series history to hit a home run.

How many teams have not won a World Series?


Since expansion began in 1961, six of the 14 expansion teams have never won the World Series. Furthermore, one franchise, the Cleveland Guardians, currently has a championship drought that pre-dates the expansion era.

What team has lost the most World Series?

the Dodgers

After losing back-to-back World Series to the Astros in 2017 and the Red Sox in ’18, the Dodgers hold the distinction of having lost the most World Series of any franchise with 14 (the Yankees are next at 13).

Who won the 2022 World Series?

World Series Champions

Year Winner Runner-Up
2021 Atlanta Braves Houston Astros
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Tampa Bay Rays
2019 Washington Nationals Houston Astros

Who are the last 10 World Series champions?

Here is a look at the past 10 World Series championship rings.

  • 01 Past 10 World Series championship rings. 1 / 11. …
  • 02 2019 Washington Nationals. 2 / 11. …
  • 03 2018 Boston Red Sox. 3 / 11. …
  • 04 2017 Houston Astros. 4 / 11. …
  • 05 2016 Chicago Cubs. 5 / 11. …
  • 06 2015 Kansas City Royals. …
  • 07 2014 San Francisco Giants. …
  • 08 2013 Boston Red Sox.