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Deadlift and scapular retraction?

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Asked by: Michelle Phillips

Do you retract your scapula when Deadlifting?

One of the worst deadlift mistakes that you can make and is actually a cue that a lot of coaches. Still give their clients and athletes is to forcefully retract your scapula at the start of the lift.

Should you roll your shoulders back when Deadlifting?

The shoulders at the top of the deadlift to try and emphasize lockout is an indicator that someone is not setting their shoulders before they pull this shoulder roll is unnecessary.

Which exercises require scapular retraction?

This exercise is called scapular retraction or better known as shoulder blade squeezes. So what you want to do is you want to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

What is scapular retraction good for?

The scapular retraction test stabilizes the scapula in a retracted and grades the strength of the supraspinatus muscle. The neutral retracted scapular position improves the strength of the supraspinatus, allowing it to produce maximum force capacity compared to excessive protracted or retracted scapular positions.

Should scapula always be retracted?

Why is scapular retraction important? Being able to retract your scapula is important because protracted scapulae make it difficult to move your shoulder joints well. Protracted scapulae make it hard to lift your arms out to the side.

How do deadlifts engage your lats?

So squeezing your tricep into your lats. That's gonna ensure that you have a very rigid torso position and your shoulders and hips can move effectively. Together off the floor.

Do deadlifts cause rounded shoulders?

So what's happening is that it's causing them to lean forward too much when they're bending over picking up that weight. So the back is gonna be rounded because their chest is too heavy.

How do I keep my lats tight during deadlifts?

So here is correct form now you see I rotate my elbows in and what this does is this makes your back take most of the load it gets your upper back in your lats. Into the movement.

How do I keep my back flat during deadlifts?

Also use take the shoulder blades and put them in your back pockets. And as you can see that just adds a lot more arch. – Matt's lower back so if he's coming from too much flexion maintaining.

Why can’t I keep my back straight when I deadlift?

If you can’t keep your back straight while deadlifting it usually means that you have a poor set-up. If you’ve mastered the breathing and bracing technique above, and you’re still rounding, look to the following reasons for improving your set-up: Ensure the bar is ‘on you’ the entire time.

Is it OK to round back deadlift?

You absolutely can do your deadlifts with a rounded back without risking serious injury. Powerlifters do it all the time. Konstantins Konstantinovs, the current world record holder of the unequipped deadlift in the 308 weight class, heavily favored a rounded upper back during his deadlifts at the height of his career.