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Cold setting 3-speed road frame to 7 8 speed cassette

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Asked by: Kelli Moore

How do you cold set a bike frame?

Quote from video: If you're doing this on your own bike frame you're doing it at your own risk so something happens don't blame me. But it's generally pretty safe and not an uncommon operation.

Can I put a 8 speed cassette on a 7-speed hub?

7-speed hubs won’t normally accept 8-, 9- or 10 speed cassettes without modification. Click here for details. 7-speed cassettes fit fine on 8- and 9-speed (and most 10-speed) hubs if you put a 4.5 mm spacer onto the body before the cassette. Click here for details.

Can I replace a 6 speed freewheel with a 7-speed freewheel?

If your bike currently has a regular-spaced 6-speed freewheel, you can generally upgrade to 7-speed with little trouble. Since the sprockets are closer together on a 7-speed freewheel, the overall width is only very slightly wider than a regular-spaced 6-speed.

How do you measure rear wheel spacing?

Frame spacing is the inside distance between the two fork ends (drop outs), where the wheel fits in. This can easily be measured just by removing the wheel and holding a ruler up to the space where the wheel came out.

Do I need to cold set frame?

An internal-gear hub or sealed-bearing hub is very likely to be damaged if the dropouts are not parallel. In this case, cold setting is the better way to go. If you’re going up more than one size, say from 120 to 130, or from 126 to 135, you should definitely cold set the frame.

What is cold setting?

Definition of cold-set (Entry 2 of 2) : used in a method of printing in which ink is kept fluid by heat until it contacts the cold paper when it quickly solidifies cold-set ink also : using or done by this method the cold-set process cold-set printing.

Are 7 and 8-speed chains the same?

Five, 6, 7 and 8-speed chains

Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo all use the same chain with 8 speeds. The chain for 7 speeds is a bit wider – 7.3 mm, while a 6-speed one is substantially wider – 7.8 mm.

Can I fit a bigger cassette on my bike?

Yes, almost any bike is compatible with bigger cassettes, bike drivetrain is groupset of components that works in perfect harmony, any miss reconfiguring can break the perfect functionality of the system, parts that need to be changed and reconfigured when putting bigger cassette which is long-chain, wide cage

What are cassette spacers for?

Spacers for cobbling together or converting your old cassettes. Available in: 1.85mm (for 10-speed cassettes on 11-speed freehub bodies)

Can you put a 7 speed cassette on a 6 speed hub?

SP – WRONG! 6 and 7 speed have different spacing, 8 is slightly different to 7 as well. If the bike is from post 1989 or so it will have a block not a cassette, and a cassette won’t go on the hub. If it’s a 6 speed cassette it may have a threaded top cog meaning a modern 7 speed cassette won’t fit either.

How many teeth does a 7 speed freewheel have?


Are 3 speed bikes good?

A 3-speed bike is a great option. It gives you more choices and more flexibility than a single-speed bicycle, but it doesn’t reach anywhere near the many options of seven, 21, or even higher-speed bikes. With a 3-speed bicycle, you can tackle riding uphill, downhill, and flat terrain.

What is a rear dropout?

what is a rear dropout? The rear dropout is the portion of the frame where the rear derailleur hanger is attached. The rear dropout is the joining point (the confluence) of the chain stay and the seat stay on the rear portion of the bike frame (see picture below).

How do you use dropout alignment tool?

Quote from video: Insert the tool one half at a time into the dropouts with the cups facing inwards. Hold the cup stationary tighten the tool on to the frame. Turning the handles clockwise.

How do I know what size axle I need for my bike?

Measure the straight length of your axle shaft. Do not include the axle head or tapered spacer, if there is one. Axle length is not the same as hub length. A bike with a 12×142 hub standard will have a significantly longer axle since it will have to go through the frame on both sides of the 142mm wide hub.

How do you use dropout alignment tool?

Quote from video: Insert the tool one half at a time into the dropouts with the cups facing inwards. Hold the cup stationary tighten the tool on to the frame. Turning the handles clockwise.

How can I stretch my bike?

Quote from video: Your hands behind your back and pulling your shoulders back so you've got a really nice good neutral posture. And then from there just drop your chin down. Towards your chest nice and gently.

How do you measure hub spacing?

If you are unsure of your frame spacing or have an older bicycle, measure the hub width to ensure a proper fit. To do this, remove the rear wheel and use a pair of calipers or a ruler to measure the distance between the inner surfaces of the dropouts.