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Clicking noise from crankset

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Asked by: Cody Amundson

There are multiple components that can contribute to a clicking or grinding sound in your drive train in addition to the bottom bracket, including the chain, the pedals, the derailleur and the rear hub. That said, the symptoms you describe seem to indicate a problem with the pedal bearings or the bottom bracket.

Why is my bike making a clicking noise when I pedal?

A clicking noise often comes from your chain wanting to jump up or down a gear on the rear cassette. This can typically be fixed by adjusting the tension of the cable that runs from your shifter to your rear derailleur.

How do you fix a crankshaft click?

Quote from video: Go through each of the chain ring bolts. And make sure that they're nice and tight OOP that one's a little bit loose. And tighten there so make sure they're all nice and tight.

How do you fix a clicking sound when pedaling?

Quote from video: Turn the outer limiting screw that's the one closest to you in maybe an eighth of a turn. Now we'll see if we can still shift. You can and that should eliminate the clicking clicking.

How do I know if my cranks are worn out?

Quote from video: Now what you're looking out for is when the teeth of the ring. Start to become hooked. Like little shark's teeth. And that is a surefire sign that you need to replace the chain rings.

Why are my cranks creaking?

Cranks. The most common cause of creaking is the crank being loose on the spindle. Remove the crank bolts, lubricate the threads and under the bolt head, and reinstall. Tighten the bolts to the manufacturer recommended torque.

Should I grease crank spindle?

With or without lubricant, in use, cranks will make metal-to-metal contact with the spindle, causing fretting erosion of the steel spindle for all but the lightest riders. Lubricating the spindle for assembly assures a predictable press fit for a given torque.

What does a worn bottom bracket sound like?

Bike Clicking When Pedaling

Can a damaged crankshaft be repaired?

Unfortunately, the repair of a crankshaft is very difficult process that can do professional only. It needs to do grinding of bearing journals on the special equipment.

Can a crankshaft be fixed?

The repair process starts with machining the crankshaft’s journal surface free of cracks and drawing a hardness map to record hardness levels and determine the locations for annealing.

How much does it cost to fix a crankshaft?

Replacing a crankshaft typically costs between $2,000 and $2,750. It’s a labor-intensive job, so the price may vary depending on your vehicle and how complex the work is. On average, most people pay around $2,500 to have their crankshaft replaced.

How do you fix a crankshaft oil seal?

Quote from video: So the seal doesn't run dry. Then you just slide the pulley back on. And put the crankshaft ball back in and tighten it up make sure you get it on good and tight.

How do I know if my crank seal is leaking?

Quote from video: Start dripping okay that oil will drip on the belt in the crankshaft. Pulley it will drip on the pulley. From there on the belt the belt can get squeaky. Because it will be oily.

How serious is a crankshaft seal leak?

Oil leaks are a common problem in any vehicle, and they often are indicators of larger problems in your car. Older Minis have a tendency to develop oil leaks when their crankshaft seals begin to wear down, crack, and break. Broken crankshaft seals can lead to major engine trouble if they are left unattended.