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Can’t find information on Suntour XOR 100 fork

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Asked by: Ricky Britton

How do I identify my Suntour fork?

If your fork is from China you can identify your fork as follows: On the left side of the lower you should find a sticker. This is for model identification. The needled number on the crown is for production date identification.

How do you adjust a front fork on a suntour?

Quote from video: There's a preload adjuster you turn it clockwise to crank up the preload. And it goes a half turn at a time. So you'll turn it half a turn until it clicks.

Are Suntour suspension forks good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Budget fork offering good quality, just don’t expect Rox Shocks and you’ll be satisfied. Great product at a budget price. I wasn’t expecting a top end fork at this price however I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and ride that this fork has.

What are Suntour forks made of?

Forks are made from a combination of materials. Lowers can be made from magnesium or aluminum. Stanchions, crowns and steerer tubes are either a>luminum or chromoly. Coil sprung forks use either steel or titanium springs.

How do I know my fork size?

The more common method of specifying fork length on modern bikes, measured in a direct line from the fork crown to the axle. Length-on-Axis is the less common method of specifying fork length on modern bikes, measured from the fork crown to the axle along the steering/head tube axis.

How do I know if my fork is compatible?

Take your existing front wheel out and measure the current axle diameter to work out further narrow down what fork your bike can accommodate.

How do you adjust the preload on a coil fork?

Quote from video: Turn the preload adjustment knob clockwise to stiffen in the direction of the plus sign and counterclockwise to soften in the direction of the minus sign it's that easy adjust your suspension fork.

How do you put air in a Suntour fork?

Quote from video: Um this is this has one cap that says air and it's got an adjuster on the other side. So the air screw sometimes is tight so you might have to take some pliers to it the air cap. And you unscrew. It.

How do you use a lockout suspension fork?

Quote from video: And also to help keep the fork extended like keep it up a bit when you're riding through tones or stuff like that. So quite often you hear it's referred to as lock out if you run this fully closed.

Who makes Suntour forks?

Mori Industries Inc.

(with manufacturing plants in Taiwan) bought Sakae Ringyo Company. In 1988 the SunTour name was purchased and revived by Sakae Ringyo Company, (now owned by Mori Industries Inc.) with a capital investment of 45,000,000 NT$ in Tokyo, Japan, thus becoming SR-SunTour.

Are Suntour XCR forks any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Smooth Riding Ahead. Excellent fork, saved a few ounces from the factory one. Very smooth ride and takes a beating. I don’t do any hardcore trails but do ride off road quite a bit and for a big guy (260lbs) this shock works perfectly!

Which is better Suntour XCT or Xcm?

XCR is really similar to the XCM but is a lighter build, which, given the coil, functionally makes them very close. The XCT is almost a hybrid fork. The build is much less dialed, and it isn’t really meant for riding where the front wheel spends much time off the ground. That said, yes, they are all similar.

What size is my bike fork?

The length of the fork is usually measured parallel to the steerer tube from the bottom of the lower bearing race to the center of the front wheel axle.

Is 150 mm too much travel?

Those roots and rocks can ping you offline, despite being sure of your steering inputs. Too much travel can also dull the feedback of your trail bike. We recommend that a trail fork ideally have 34mm stanchions, at 130-140mm, for a 29er – possibly, up to 150mm, for the smaller 27.5in wheel size.

Will any forks fit my bike?

T.W.O. The main thing you need to look for is the steerer size. Most Mtb headtube is 1.1/8″, a few are 1.5″ or the combo of the two, tapered steerer. So as long as the fork is 1.1/8″ you are good to go.

What does SR SunTour stand for?

Sakae Ringyo Company

SR SunTour is a Taiwanese manufacturer of bicycle components, formed in 1988 when Osaka based SunTour (Maeda) went bankrupt and was purchased by Sakae Ringyo Company (abbreviated S.R.), a major Japanese maker of aluminum parts, particularly cranks and seat posts.

Where do I find my Manitou serial number?

The fork’s serial number is located on the back of the lower part of the fork leg. Mach 5 forks with serial numbers less than 5100086500 have outer leg castings that should be replaced.
30 апр. 1996

How do I know if my manitou fork is real?

the only way you can tell is when you receive it, look for manufacturing marks on the fork etc. Maybe have a shop verify it.

What happened to manitou forks?

As said, marzocchi is now owned by fox (as of last year?), manitou is owned by hayes (brakes, for a long time now). Thing is, rockshox being part of sram and fox being, well fox, they have the budget to go all in in the oem market, where as the two m’s just haven’t been able to.