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Can you skydive at 15?

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Asked by: Susan Rodriguez

Skydiving Age Limit Restrictions The United States Parachute Association: Taking into account the age of majority, the USPA mandated that a jumper must be at least 18 years of age to skydive, and dropzones affiliated with the USPA must abide by USPA regulations and safety requirements.

Can I skydive at 15 in the UK?

Restrictions. To skydive, a person must be aged at least 16 years. People aged under 18 must have their parent’s or guardian’s written permission.

Can a 12 year old skydive in the US?

We’ll be straight up – yes, kids can go skydiving! Countries including Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and United Kingdom all take kids under 18 skydiving. However, you’ll notice most skydiving centers – well all in the United States except us – do not.

Can you skydive at 16 in the US?

Within the United States, all United States Parachute Association (USPA) member dropzones are restricted from hosting guests under the age of 18 regardless of parental consent.

Can you skydive at 15 in Texas?

You must be 18 years old to skydive with The Skydiving Company. There are no exceptions to this rule. All tandem equipment manufacturers and our governing body (the USPA) require all participants to be 18 years or older. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How scary is skydiving?

Simply put, the actual skydive (the free fall) doesn’t feel scary because you don’t feel out of control. Unlike a rollercoaster where you’re being rocked and jostled, the free fall is smooth. There aren’t sensations of plummeting to earth uncontrollably and you don’t get ground rush.

What is the age limit for skydiving?

There is no age restriction for tandem skydiving in New Zealand. We have taken people as old as 90 and as young as 7 skydiving with us. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need a parent or guardian with you to sign the consent form on your behalf.

Can teenagers do skydiving?

How old do you have to be to go skydiving? The minimum age for tandem skydiving is 16 years old. If you’re aged between 16 and 18, you’ll need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian. There is no maximum age to go skydiving.

Can you skydive at 16 in California?

It is necessary to be at least 18 years old (or 16 with the permission of a parent or guardian), and must carry either a Class 1, 2 or 3 FAA medical certificate, a USPA recommended medical statement or a certificate of physical fitness for skydiving from a licensed doctor.

Can a 10 year old sky dive?

It’s true, kids can skydive too

It may come as a surprise to some people that you don’t need to be of legal age to jump from a plane. But if you are under age, you’ll need a parent or legal guardian’s written consent. At Skydive Geronimo, we’ve taken countless minors for tandem skydives.

Who can skydive?

Are you a human being over 18 years old? Ta-da! You’re qualified to go skydiving. There are a few exceptions (pregnant women and people with heart problems should stay on the ground, and drop zones have certain weight restrictions), but your age, height, occupation, or any other demographic factor won’t hold you back.

How old do you have to be to go skydiving in Florida?

18 years old

General Questions About Your First Skydive
You need to be 18 participate in a Tandem or AFF Skydive. You will be required to sign our waiver prior to your skydive. The Waiver is a binding contract and, as such, you must be 18 years old to sign a binding waiver.

How old do you have to be to go skydiving in California?

at least 18 years old

Minimum Age To Skydive in California
Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to skydive. There is no maximum age limit.

Can I skydive alone?

Fly and land your own parachute

It’s low cost, exciting and if you want it to be – a genuine step towards learning to become a skydiver yourself. Your first parachute jump is from 3,500 – 4,500 feet and your parachute will automatically deploy as you fall away from the aircraft using a device called a ‘static line’.

How much does it cost to jump out of a plane?

Skydiving usually costs around the $200 range in the United States. This can vary in some markets from $150 through $250, but the most common price is $200 to an altitude of 13,500 feet not including video services.

How many times do you have to skydive to be able to do it alone?

After you’ve logged 25 jumps and shown the required skills, you’ll be eligible to apply and test for your USPA ‘A’ license. This means you are a qualified skydiver and are clear to jump solo without supervision.

Can you skydive without a parachute?

Skydiver Luke Aikins (pictured) lands safely after jumping 25,000 feet from an airplane without a parachute or wing suit as part of ‘Stride Gum Presets Heaven Sent’ on in Simi Valley, California.

What does skydiving feel like?

You feel temperature change and pressure on your skin. Even on a hot day, it will be noticeably cooler at jump altitude. It’s like opening the refrigerator door on a hot day, and having that wave of cool rush over you. The wind resistance from your freefall speed feels like pressure.

What do you need to skydive?

Skydiving Equipment Basics

  1. Helmet. You’ll notice many of the skydiving personnel at Skydive Newport sporting helmets. …
  2. Skydiving Goggles. The human eye is incredible, but also an incredibly sensitive organ. …
  3. Altimeter. In skydiving, altitude is everything. …
  4. Parachute Equipment Basics. …
  5. Other Skydiving Equipment.

Can you wear a hoodie skydiving?

Clothing: Loose fitting, comfortable clothes are ideal for your first tandem skydive. If it’s cold, wear something warm – a hoodie, sweater, long pants… you get the picture. Dress for the weather on the ground. At Skydive Santa Barbara, you can choose to wear a jumpsuit to keep you even warmer.

Can I wear jeans skydiving?

We’re not dissing denim here, but usually, jeans and skydiving just don’t mix. If you have a pair of well-loved worn-in jeans, by all means, wear them skydiving. However, you should consider that ideal skydiving pants need to have some stretch. The skydiving harness will be a bit tight and jeans may be uncomfortable.