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Can the Garmin Edge 130 obtain heart rate from a fitness wrist-band?

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Asked by: Deborah Gurmandi

What heart rate monitors are compatible with Garmin Edge 130?

You can use any heart rate monitor that features ANT+ technology with the Garmin Edge. The options are numerous, including the Adidas miCoach heart rate monitor, Geonaute monitor and the Athlosoft ERGOHR monitor. You also may use monitors included in many Bontrager, Blackburn, CycleOps, Concept2 and Beurer products.

Does Garmin Edge 130 measure heart rate?

If you want the basics of speed, distance, time, elevation, heart rate and power, the Edge 130 has you covered. And there are some variations on these metrics, such as average, lap and 3sec average.

Can Garmin Edge get heart rate from watch?

Many Garmin watches are able to broadcast heart rate data in order to connect and send the data to a third-party app such as Zwift. The data is also broadcast via ANT+ technology to connect as a sensor with an Edge cycling computer.

How do I connect my HRM to my Garmin Edge 130?

For example, connecting a heart rate monitor with your Garmin® device.

  1. Bring the device within 3 m (10 ft.) of the sensor. NOTE: Stay 10 m (33 ft.) away from other riders’ sensors while pairing.
  2. Hold .
  3. Select Sensors > Add Sensor. A list of available sensors appears.
  4. Select one or more sensors to pair with your device.

Does Garmin Edge 130 support workouts?

Note that structured workouts are not supported on the Edge 130 (meaning, downloaded workouts to execute).

Do you need a speed sensor with Garmin Edge 130?

You don’t need a speed sensor with your Garmin Edge. The Garmin Edge will measure your speed thanks to its GPS. A speed sensor is a ‘nice to have’ to get more precision about your speed data, especially when the GPS signal is low and when riding at slow speeds.

What is the difference between the Garmin Edge 130 and 130 plus?

When it comes to hardware, the only difference between the Edge 130 and 130 Plus is the addition of an accelerometer. This allows the Garmin to include the MTB metrics like grit, flow, jumps, as well as incident detection.

How do I connect my Garmin heart rate to my Garmin Edge?

Quote from video: We're gonna start by entering the settings menu on the 520. Then scroll down to sensors. And select add sensor scroll down and select heartrate.

Does Garmin Edge 130 show gradient?

Garmin Edge 130 Plus: Software

However, you also now get Garmin’s ‘ClimbPro’ software, which details how many climbs are in a planned route, as well as giving additional details, including gradient profiling, distance to go until complete and elevation remaining.

Can you connect Apple Watch to Garmin Edge 130?

Question: Q: Can Apple Watch be paired with garmin edge 130

Answer: A: No,pair with iphone only.

Can you link Apple Watch to Garmin Edge?

I have an Apple Watch and a Garmin Edge. I wanted to use my watch to monitor heart rate for the Garmin. This is the perfect solution. It connects to the Garmin via ANT+ and the watch via Bluetooth.

Can I use Garmin watch as heart rate monitor?

Your Garmin watch conveniently measures your heart rate at the wrist. The other option for measuring heart rate is to pair a compatible heart rate strap with your smartwatch.

Does Garmin Edge 130 have maps?

Garmin’s navigation on the Edge 130 is an impressive addition to the small computer, but it does have its limitations. Most significantly, it only shows you your route, not a complete map of your surrounding area.

How long does Garmin Edge 130 battery last?

Garmin claims the unit has a battery life of 15 hours, but with a heart rate monitor paired with the unit, the best I could hope for was about 9 hours. If you use the Edge 130 with GPS only, other users have reportedly gotten 15 or more hours of battery life with no sensors paired.

How do I get courses on my Garmin 130?

Before you can download a course from Garmin Connect™, you must have a Garmin Connect account (Garmin Connect).

  1. Select an option: …
  2. Create a new course, or select an existing course.
  3. Select Send to Device.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. On the Edge® device, hold .
  6. Select Navigation > Courses.
  7. Select the course.

Can you use Garmin Edge 130 for hiking?

Garmin edge computers do not integrate a “walking/hiking” profile. Garmin didn’t add all the features from their outdoors walking GPS devices and multi-activity watches into the bike computers. It is meant solely for cycling.

Does Garmin Edge 130 work with strava?

The Edge 130 connects via the Garmin Connect app, which can be paired to third-party applications such as Strava. Once your Edge 130 is paired to your phone and you open the Garmin Connect app, the ride file syncs via the Bluetooth connection.

Does Garmin 130 display power?

It can display your power or cadence and it can give you Strava Live Segments, but it’s just not weighed down by having to do it all. It feels like Garmin has stripped back its models, made them smaller but also more functional and the result is a much improved computer.

Does Garmin Edge 130 have maps?

Garmin’s navigation on the Edge 130 is an impressive addition to the small computer, but it does have its limitations. Most significantly, it only shows you your route, not a complete map of your surrounding area.

Is Garmin Edge 130 touch screen?

Button-operated. No touchscreens here, the Edge 130 is operated by five buttons located on the side. That means no touchscreen reliability issues to worry about, plus it’s good for battery life. It doesn’t take long to be fluent in using the buttons to navigate around the Edge 130, it’s very simple and intuitive.