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Can I use a seat-post clamp/collar on the seat-post itself to prevent slipping?

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Asked by: Richard Reedy

How do you stop a slipping seat post?

How to fix a slipping seatpost?

  1. Step 1: Remove your seatpost (with saddle) and if possible, the seatpost clamp. …
  2. Step 2: Clean your seatpost, clamp and top of seat tube. …
  3. Step 3: Apply Carbon Assembly Paste. …
  4. Step 4: Install your seatpost.

What does a seat post clamp do?

A circular metal collar located at the top of the seat tube, as the name suggests its job is to firmly clamp down on said tube to hold the seatpost in place, preventing the saddle from rotating or the post from sinking into the frame.

Why does my seatpost keep slipping?

When the clamp bolt is tightened, the frame material flexes slightly (the slot allows this flex to occur) and tightens against the seat post. This, of course, is what holds your post in place. If the clamp can’t tighten enough for some reason, your post will slip under load.

How do I stop my aero seatpost from slipping?

If the seat post is the correct size and slipping down, next check that the tightening hardware on the frame or the collar are operating properly to tighten the post. The threads should be in perfect condition and it should be easy to tighten and torque the bolt to the recommended tightness for your frame and seatpost.

How do you install a seat post clamp?

Quote from video: Clamp. We press on the new zero to grease you post clamp. You can put it on your bike either way. It's just rider preference align it and reinstall the seat post.

How do you use a seatpost shim?

Quote from video: With this little shim typically you'd slide it over the seat post and then just slide that into your frame. And clamp it just under the seat clamp roughly something like that. I have done this before.

How do you tighten a seat post clamp?

Quote from video: They're very easy to adjust you simply start by loosening. The single pinch bolt. And once that is done you can slide the saddle fore and aft changing.

Which way does the seat clamp Go?

Most have it facing backwards so it doesn’t interfere with clothing and doesn’t catch on anything while riding. But, with something this small and utilitarian, I think you can put it any way that keeps your seat post from falling and it’s probably OK.

How tight should seat post be?

Senior Retro Guru. If you have the right size post you should not have to crank down the clamp to stop it from slipping – a correctly fitted post will slide smoothly into a greased seat tube with very little effort and should stay put with only a firmly tightened QR.

Should you grease your seatpost?

Greasing your seatpost will prevent problems like this: “Removing Seat Post rusted into downtube”. Don’t use chain oil, grease is what you want. As whatsisname pointed out, all fasteners on your bike should be lightly greased. This is what keeps them from corroding and seizing over time, becoming a real pain to remove.

Does length of seatpost matter?

Seatpost length is a further consideration. While a longer post is generally regarded as offering more comfort, the amount of post ‘sticking out’ of the frame will largely be dependent on your frame size/geometry and your own dimensions (inside leg length etc).

Where do you put carbon paste on a seatpost?

Quote from video: So you might have to take off half of what you put on and then go ahead and slide it in tighten it up that should take care of any slippage. And that's good for anywhere on the carbon.

How do you install a quick release seat post clamp?

Quote from video: This eventually install the seat. Tighten it up a little bit. More. There is your quick-release seat post clamp installation.

How do you install a seat clamp on a mountain bike?

Quote from video: Make sure to slide the post pass the minimum insert line and align your saddle. If you have a quick-release lever. Close it towards the frame. It should have some resistance.

How do I stop my carbon seatpost from slipping?

Quote from video: And as you tighten the seat clamp these will help to to grip the post inside the frame. So be much less likely to slip. He also helps prevent it from seizing inside the frame.

How do I keep my bike seat from moving?

The first place you should check for fixing a bike seat that keeps tilting is to check the bolts. Make sure everything is clean and nothing is stripped. Remember to grease the bolt if you do clean it. Using pieces from an old inner tube can or friction paste can help reduce parts from moving.

Where do you put carbon paste on a seatpost?

Quote from video: So you might have to take off half of what you put on and then go ahead and slide it in tighten it up that should take care of any slippage. And that's good for anywhere on the carbon.

Should you grease dropper post?

Post-ride service of your dropper post

To keep the main wiper seal in good working order, it is recommended to apply a small amount of suspension lube to the clean seal to keep it lubricated.

Can I use Vaseline on my dropper post?

Quote from video: Well. Okay first up that. Did absolutely right thing in taking the seal back and putting some grease under there in the first place even if it was personally.

Can you use wd40 on dropper post?

SRAM Butter, Slick Honey, Wet Seal, Silicon Shine, etc.) occassionally wiped on the seal is always good. But remember, no degreasers, penetrating oils, or really any aggressive cleaners (no WD-40, for example). And you essentially want to wipe off all excess, so the grease doesn’t attract/collect dirt.