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Can I swap a shimano free hub body for a campag one and be able to attach it to the existing Deore hub?

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Asked by: Tracy Brown

Are Shimano free hubs interchangeable?

Most Shimano Freehub bodies are interchangeable.

Can you change Campagnolo freehub to Shimano?

Yes. Campagnolo wheels are compatible with both Shimano and SRAM components.

Are hub bodies interchangeable?

Almost always, the answer is no, there is no interchangeability between different brands – and often limited interchangeability within a brand.

Can you change your freehub body?

You can either buy a new freehub body or if you’re lucky your local bike shop or bike recycling project may have a stash! Your replacement freehub body needs to have the same interface as your old one (meaning the same spline pattern) so it can fit onto your old hub.

Are all freewheels compatible?

All the current (since the year 1990) freewheel hubs are compatible with all the 6 and 7 speed freewheel sprockets. Freewheel rear hub with threads, and freewheel sprockets that are screwed onto it.

What is the difference between a freewheel and a freehub?

Freewheel vs Freehub – Thread Differences

One of the main difference is that freewheels typically have a threaded hub. Bikes equipped with cassettes do not have a threaded hub, but instead, slip onto the hub with splines. But the differences, without getting too technical — go deeper than that.

Is Shimano and Campagnolo compatible?

Yes. Different specific FW bodies are available for Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM drivetrains so that Campagnolo wheels can be used with any drivetrain on the market.

Are Shimano and Campagnolo chains compatible?

Chain compatibility issues:

A Shimano chain will not work particularly well with Campagnolo cassettes. Campagnolo chains will not work well with Shimano or SRAM cassettes. Lastly SRAM chains are generally compatible with SRAM and Shimano cassettes but not with Campagnolo.

Will a Shimano 11 speed cassette work with Campagnolo?

In other words, Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo 11-speed cassettes work just fine on each others’ drivetrains. So, one way to use an old 10-speed wheel with an 11-speed drivetrain is to install a Campagnolo freehub body and Campagnolo 11-speed cassette on it.

How do I know my freehub size?

Quote from video: Very very carefully. Taking my ruler. And i can see that this one is 15 millimeters. So there we go that's how we measure the hub width. And through axle diameter.

Are MTB hubs interchangeable?

MTB hubs come in a wide variety of dimensions and types to fit multiple bike/fork/axle standards and to suit different off-road disciplines.

What is a Shimano HG freehub?

HG (Hyper-Glide) HG, short for ‘HyperGlide’, is the most common and traditional freehub body design available. Created by Shimano, it is the standard used for cassettes that have at least an 11-tooth cog as the smallest cog on the cassette. HG Specific cassettes are available in 8,9,10, and 11speed options.

Are 6 and 7 speed freewheels interchangeable?

If your bike currently has a regular-spaced 6-speed freewheel, you can generally upgrade to 7-speed with little trouble. Since the sprockets are closer together on a 7-speed freewheel, the overall width is only very slightly wider than a regular-spaced 6-speed.

How many speeds can you get with a freewheel?

8-speeds were available in both freewheel and cassette hubs. As with the move from 4- to 5-speed, and from 5-speed to 6-speed, this required adding spacers to the right-hand end of the axle to keep the chain from rubbing on the frame.

Is more Pawls better?

Quote from video: Похожие запросы

Are Shimano and SRAM freehub compatibility?

Modern Hyperglide freehub bodies will fit an 11-speed Shimano/SRAM-compatible cassette for road bike wheels. You can also use Shimano-standard cassettes with 8, 9 or 10 speeds, but will need to fit a 1.85mm spacer on the inboard side of the cassette to fit, plus an additional 1mm spacer for 10-speed cassettes.

How do I know what Shimano freehub I have?

Knowing What Freehub You Need

  1. Determine the brand: Locate the brand of your existing cassette—most likely it is Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo.
  2. For a Campagnolo cassette, choose a Campy freehub.
  3. For a Shimano freehub, count the number of gears on the cassette. …
  4. For a SRAM freehub, count the number of gears.

How do I know if my free hub needs replacing?

Check the freehub for wear to see if it needs replacing or just cleaning and relubing. To do this, firmly grab the splined body and give it a wiggle. If it moves more than a couple of millimetres side to side, replace it. Otherwise, a good clean and oil will do fine.

Are MTB hubs interchangeable?

MTB hubs come in a wide variety of dimensions and types to fit multiple bike/fork/axle standards and to suit different off-road disciplines.

Can you change the hub on a bike wheel?

Simple answer: yes, but it’s not worth doing. Cost of hub, spokes, nipples and having wheel rebuilt will exceed the cost of a new wheel. Even if you re-use the spokes a new wheel will still be cheaper. Wheel building requires special equipment, expertise and time to do correctly.

Which is better ratchet or pawls hubs?

Ratchet systems are generally spoken stronger, more reliable and need less maintenance compared to traditional pawl systems. Biggest reason for this is that the power transferred from the drivetrain to the wheel is spread of a larger surface. In general hubs that are “louder” usually have more engagement points.