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Can I run 2×10 XT Shifters on a flatbar road bike with 105 10 speed STI components?

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Asked by: Kayla Miller

Do shifters and derailleurs have to match?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best not to mix and match drivetrain components from different brands. While things such as cranks, chains and cassettes are mostly inter-compatible between brands, generally speaking, shifters and derailleurs aren’t.

Can I use 11-speed derailleur with 10-speed shifter?

Can An 11-speed Derailleur Work With a 10-speed Cassette and Shifter? Condensed Answer: Shimano’s 11-speed derailleurs have a different rear shift ratio than 10-speed derailleurs and are therefore not compatible with 10-speed indexed shifters.

Can a 10-speed derailleur work on a 9 speed cassette?

Condensed Answer: 10-speed Shimano and SRAM MTB derailleurs have a different rear shift ratio than 9-speed derailleurs and cannot be effectively combined with a 9-speed shifter and cassette.

How do you use Shimano flat bar shifters?

Quote from video: Your left hand controls your front brake. And the same way your rear shifters control the sprockets in the back. And your left shifters control the sprockets in the front.

Are all 10 speed shifters compatible?

Since the amount of needed cable pull differs for each number of rear sprockets, there is no cross compatibility whatsoever. 10 speed new shifters work only with new 10 speed RDs. 8 speed ones with 8 speed RDs. And so on.

Can you mix shifters and derailleurs?

In many instances, it is possible to mix different levels of shifters and derailleurs from the same brand (e.g. Dura-Ace/Ultegra/105; Red/Force/Rival; Super Record/Record/Chorus), however it’s not safe to assume that this will always be the case.

Can I convert my 10 speed to 11 speed?

Luckily, many common and not-so-common wheelsets, as long as they’re at least 10-speed, can be upgraded to 11-speed by purchasing a new cassette body. The body is the part that attaches to the center of the hub and drives the wheel and bike when you pedal.

Can I use 12 speed derailleur with 10 speed cassette?

-chains have the same outer dimension, the 12 speed derailleur would have narrower cogs than what required for a 10 speed. –As long as you can set the high/low limits on the derailleur to keep it on the cassette it should be fine.

Can I use an 8 speed derailleur on a 10 speed cassette?

You will need a 10 spd rear derailleur to work with a 10 spd cassette, because the spacing is smaller with a 10 spd setup. You will need a 10 speed chain for a 10 speed setup, a 9 speed chain for a 9 speed setup and any 8 speed chain will work on 8-7-6 speed or lower.

Can I use a 10-speed cassette with a 9-speed shifter?

A 9-Speed Derailleur Can Work With a 10-Speed Cassette Only On Road Bikes. Luckily, the rear shift ratio of Shimano’s road bike groupsets is the same for 8, 9, and 10-speed transmissions. Hence why it’s possible to combine a 9-speed derailleur with a 10-speed cassette.

Can I use a 10-speed SRAM shifter with a 9-speed derailleur?

MORGAN @ SRAM: For the rear, no. The cable pull is different for the 10-speed rear derailleurs and the 9-speed rear derailleurs won’t line up properly with the cogs when used with a 10-speed shifter and cassette.

Can I use a 10-speed derailleur on a 7 speed cassette?

No, you cannot. A bike with a 7-speed cassette would also come with a 7-speed shifter and a chain that is compatible with 7-speed cassettes. This will make it impossible for a 10-speed derailleur to work on it. This is because a 7-speed shifter and a 10-speed derailleur have different pull ratios.

Are all Shimano 10 speed components compatible?

The problem when looking at TIAGRA component compatibility is that 10-speeds are not officially compatible with each other, and with the 4600 and 4700 series components.

Can I use tiagra cassette with 105?

If you go for Tiagra you can’t upgrade to 105 one component at a time because 10-speed and 11-speed drivetrain components aren’t interchangeable. You’d have to upgrade most of the groupset components at once for optimum performance.

Are all 10 speed cassettes the same?

All Shimano and SRAM cassettes up to 10 speed are broadly compatible. They all use Shimano’s Hyperglide II freehub body spline pattern. Cassettes with the same number of sprockets have the same sprocket spacing, sprocket width and overall width.

Are SRAM derailleurs compatible with Shimano shifters?

The SRAM rear derailleur (mech) will not work with a Shimano shifter as is; the cable pull and shift activation ratios are not the same between the two systems.

Can you mix and match Shimano components?

It is possible to mix and match as long as you get components from the same generation. For example: 9000 Dura Ace, 6800 Ultegra, and 5800 105 are all cross compatible. Each have 11-speeds in the rear, use the same cable pull per shift and use the same front derailleur design.

Will a 9 speed shifter work on a 7 speed cassette?

If you used a 7 speed cassette, with a 9 speed shifter and 7 speed derailleur you would not pull enough cable and the shifts will get mangled. If you are currently on 7 Speeds, this means you have a 7 speed wheel that will most likely NOT take a 9 speed cassette.

Can you use a 7 speed shifter on a 6 speed bike?

Re: Can you use a 7 speed shifter on a 6 speed cassette? The “numbers” say they don’t match. The cable pull of a 7 speed is less than a 6 speed so, though a couple of cogs might work, the rest will gradually not. You’ll never know if you don’t try it.

Will any derailleur work with any shifter?

No, different maker or different model with different number of “speed” shifters have different pull ratio (i.e. the length of cable pulled by a single shift). Usually it’s safe to use different model with same number of gears from the same maker.

Can a 6 speed derailleur work on a 7 speed cassette?

So yes, a six speed rear derailleur will work correctly with 7, 8 or 9 rear speed systems.