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Campagnolo wheel on shimano or sram drivetrain?

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Asked by: Jared Flannery

Can I use Campagnolo wheels with Shimano?

Yes. Campagnolo wheels are compatible with both Shimano and SRAM components. In order to use Campagnolo wheels with any drivetrain on the market, Campagnolo produces two kinds of freewheel bodies: one specific for Campagnolo drivetrains (from 9 to 11 speeds) and one for non-Campagnolo drivetrains (from 9 to 11 speeds).

Is SRAM compatible with Campagnolo?

Thus, cranks from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are freely interchangeable along with those from all aftermarket brands (e.g. FSA, Rotor, Praxis, etc.). And while it is preferable to match the chainrings/crankset to the transmission, there is no strict need to do so.

Are Campagnolo wheels good?

The Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc wheels are superfast, superb to ride and superbly expensive. Despite the rim depth, they handle very well and are well behaved in windy conditions. An exceptionally good race wheelset. If you’ve got two grand to spend on fancy deep-section wheels then these are well worth considering.

Can you change a campy hub to Shimano?

The basic difference and reason why we need to change freehub bodies between groupsets is that the splines on the body are a different pattern, so a Campagnolo cassette will not slide onto a Shimano/SRAM body. Similarly Campagnolo will not fit on the other.

Are Shimano and Campagnolo chains compatible?

Chain compatibility issues:

A Shimano chain will not work particularly well with Campagnolo cassettes. Campagnolo chains will not work well with Shimano or SRAM cassettes. Lastly SRAM chains are generally compatible with SRAM and Shimano cassettes but not with Campagnolo.

Will a Shimano 11-speed cassette work with Campagnolo?

In other words, Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo 11-speed cassettes work just fine on each others’ drivetrains. So, one way to use an old 10-speed wheel with an 11-speed drivetrain is to install a Campagnolo freehub body and Campagnolo 11-speed cassette on it.

What hub is compatible with SRAM 12 speed?

SRAM 12-speed

SRAM’s 12-speed mountain bike setups use both the XD and HG freehub bodies, once again with the higher-end groups having XD and the more affordable kit using the HG body.

Can you mix SRAM and Shimano?

Most importantly, YOU CANNOT mix Shimano and SRAM hydraulic brake parts. It’s more than a performance issue — it’s a safety issue. Shimano brakes employ mineral oil as hydraulic fluid, whereas SRAM uses DOT brake fluid. Those are incompatible — one is insoluble in water, and the other is water soluble.

Can you use Shimano cassette with campy?

1. Full Campy Record 10-sp drivetrain will run a Shimano 10-sp cassette no problem.

Where are Campagnolo wheels made?

Campagnolo products are created in Italy, in Vicenza. Campagnolo is the only components company in the cycling world with its own production units, all located in Europe.

Are Campagnolo wheels tubeless ready?

have been tested and approved for the Tubeless Easy conversion with the CAMPAGNOLO 2-Way Fit™ Ready profile.

Where are Campagnolo Bora wheels made?


Campagnolo has been making wind-cheating wheelsets under the Bora name since 1994, and they have always been designed, tested and manufactured in Italy at the brand’s Vicenza HQ.

Are Campy and Shimano chains interchangeable?

Read this article, all 11 speed cassette works with all Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrain, meaning chain and RD and crankset, so the answer is the Shimano 11 speed chain and Campagnolo 11 speed chain are interchangable.

Are Campagnolo chains directional?

iirc, not directional. not directional. You’ll notice the r11 logo alternating right side up or up side down every link or two. I am using a quick link on my SR chain.

Are all 8 speed chains the same?

Five, 6, 7 and 8-speed chains

A 7.1 mm wide 8-speed chain* will fit all the other systems (5, 6 and 7-speed ones). Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo all use the same chain with 8 speeds. The chain for 7 speeds is a bit wider – 7.3 mm, while a 6-speed one is substantially wider – 7.8 mm.

Are bike chains universal?

No. Not all makes and models of bike chains fit on all bikes. Most modern bike chains are made to the one-half inch pitch, but this dosn’t mean all chains fit all bikes. In order to be as effective as possible, a chain must be suited to the type of bicycle being ridden.

What chains are compatible with Shimano 12 speed?

A Shimano 12-speed chain can work with a 12-speed SRAM chainring if the quick-link is replaced with a SRAM or KMC one. The downside of this approach is that the drivetrain will be louder and wear out faster as there’s extra contact between the teeth of the chainring and the inner plates of the chain.

Can I use any bike chain?

Differences can cause variations in shifting performance between brands and models. Additionally, chains will vary in the quality of steel used. Better chains that are more durable and longer lasting tend to have harder rivets. Riding a bike tends to wear and thin the rivet as it is pulled against the inner plates.

Can I use a 10 speed chain on a 7-speed cassette?

10-speed derailleurs are not compatible with 7-speed cassettes and should not be combined on your bike. You however may be able to make it work if you change the shifters and chains on your bike to 10-speed too, but it’s not advisable to match components of different speeds.

Do KMC chains work with SRAM?

One of the main advantages of KMC chains is that they are compatible with Sram, Campagnolo, and Shimano drivetrains.

What is faster 9 speed or 11 speed?

11-speed cassettes are absolutely not faster than 9-speed cassettes. The factor that determines the speed of your bike is you; the rider. Putting an 11-speed cassette on your bike will not magically produce more speed.