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Campagnolo 11 speed crank with 10 speed running gear

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Asked by: Vanessa Givens

Will a 11 speed crankset work with 10 speed?

Ten-speed chainrings can be installed on an 11-speed crank, just as 11-speed chainrings can be installed on a 10-speed crank. The spiders are identical.

Can you use a 12 speed crankset with 10 speed?

Would not recommend trying to use 12 speed chains on a 10 speed cassette, the narrower profile doesnt give the smoothest shifting.

Can I use an 11 speed crank on a 9 speed bike?

Secondly a 11spd Crankset will work with your 9spd set-up, but you will need to run a 10spd chain which will work on the 11spd Crank and 9spd Cassette.

Can I use an 11 speed crank on a 8 speed bike?

Nominally no, an 11 speed speed crank will not work with an 8 speed drivetrain.

Are 10 speed and 11 speed chainrings the same?

The spacing between 11-speed chainring teeth centers is not narrower than on 10-speed chainrings. In some cases, it is even a bit wider on 11-speed. So your system will perform pretty much the same as it does now if you were to replace your 10-speed chainrings with 11-speed ones.

Can I use a 11 speed cassette with a 10 speed derailleur?

No, that will not work. The shifts will not line up across the entire range, because an 11-speed cassette is not just a 10-speed cassette with an extra cog stuck on at the same spacing.

Can you use a 12 speed crankset with 9 speed cassette?

Using an 11 or 12 speed chain on a 9 speed cassette will present problems with smooth shifting and the big danger would be risk of severe chain jam should the thinner profile chain of 11 or 12 speeds get stuck between cogs of a 9 speed cassette which are spaced wider than an 11 or 12 speed cassette’s cogs.

Are Shimano 10 and 11 speed compatibility?

Shimano’s mechanical 10- and 11-speed road shifters are not compatible with its 10- and 11-speed MTB derailleurs.

Will 12 speed chain work with 10 speed cassette?

-chains have the same outer dimension, the 12 speed derailleur would have narrower cogs than what required for a 10 speed. –As long as you can set the high/low limits on the derailleur to keep it on the cassette it should be fine.

Can I use an 11 speed crankset on a 9 speed drivetrain?

A 11 speed chain should work okay on 9 speed chainrings.

Will a 9 speed chainset work with 10 speed?

A nine speed crank set will work with a 10 speed drive train. However it’s not all plain sailing. You can have trouble using a 10 speed FD with a 9 speed crank set. It doesn’t shift as far out as the 9 speed so you may experience sloppy changes to the outer ring and chain rub against the FD in some gears.

How do I know if my crankset is compatible?

In most cases three-and two-piece cranksets are compatible with the same bottom brackets so long as the axle is the same diameter. They are commonly used in conjunction with the mid-style bottom bracket standard. One-piece: This is where the axle and crank arms are a single piece of steel.

How do I know if I have a 10 speed or 11 speed?

Multiply the front gear number by the rear gear number to get the number of speeds. For example, if you have two front gears and five back gears, you have a 10-speed bike. If you have one front gear and three back gears, you have a 3-speed bike.

Are chainrings speed specific?

Chainrings are sold as having a specific compatibility for only certain speed setups, some overlapping across many. What physically makes this the case?

Can I use a 12-speed chain on a 11 speed chainring?

Condensed answer: A 12-speed chain can work with an 11-speed cassette. However, it’s recommended to avoid using a Shimano 12-speed chain because it doesn’t play well with 11-speed chainrings.

Are Shimano 10 and 11-speed compatibility?

Shimano’s mechanical 10- and 11-speed road shifters are not compatible with its 10- and 11-speed MTB derailleurs.

Can you use a Shimano 11-speed chain with 10 speed cassette?

Condensed Answer: An 11-speed chain is narrower than a 10-speed chain and can therefore be combined with a 10-speed cassette.

Will a 10 speed chain work on an 11 speed bike?

Yes. In addition to the points Nathan makes about 10/11 speed compatibility, a new chain should really be installed with a new cassette in any case.

Are Shimano and Campagnolo chains compatible?

Chain compatibility issues:

A Shimano chain will not work particularly well with Campagnolo cassettes. Campagnolo chains will not work well with Shimano or SRAM cassettes. Lastly SRAM chains are generally compatible with SRAM and Shimano cassettes but not with Campagnolo.