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Bike chain “skipping”, but only when not continuously pedaling

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Asked by: Pat Held

Why does my chain skip on my bike?

Gear indexing issues

One of the most common reasons for a skipping chain is simply a drivetrain that needs a simple indexing adjustment. This is so common that even many brand new bikes can exhibit these symptoms. The good news is that this is probably the simplest to diagnose and fix of all potential issues.

Why does my bike chain go slack when I stop pedaling?

If your chain is getting slack on top when you stop pedalling or backpedal, then the problem is in your freehub (or freewheel, whichever you have), a dirty freehub will cause all the problems you’ve listed, even on a brand new bike.

Why does my bike chain slip when I pedal hard single speed?

The chain could be slipping due to natural weakening of the chain. Over time, the chain will stretch out and a loose chain means more slipping when pedaling hard. The chain could also be slipping if your cogs are word down. The cogs/crank also wear over time and can leave the chain with not much to “grab” on to.

Why is my chain skipping when I back pedal?

The cause is some friction or hangup of the chain in the RD as you backpedal. This unloads the chain and it will follow it’s path of least resistance. A brand new chain is less laterally flexible and will highlight the problem of hangup at the RD.

Why does my chain keep jumping?

Most of the time, a skipping chain is caused by cable stretch. In the first half dozen rides on a new bike, your shift cables stretch the most. They can also stretch over time as you ride. Hippley explains, “It takes cable tension to open a derailleur, which shifts your chain between gears.

How do you fix ghost shifting?

Quote from video: You probably need to replace. The rear derailleur cable some have pointed to other causes of ghost shifting. Including worn chain worn cassette kinking of the cable.

Why does my bike stop when I stop pedaling?

When you stop pedaling the freewheel on the back wheel is supposed to spin so that the wheels can keep turning but the chain, and the pedals are stationary. Something is preventing the freewheel from doing it’s job. First guess is that it needs lubrication.

How do you fix chain slack?

Quote from video: Tightens. The chain up nice and tight and while you're holding on to it. Just go ahead and tighten it back down there you go nice tight chain. Simple as that.

What is chain slack?

When the chain loses all it’s slack it becomes ridged like a piece of steel and stops the swing arm movement dead in it’s track! Once this happens the tire starts doing the job of the suspension and starts to destruct. And worst case you lose traction and end up on the side of the track or street.

How do you fix ghost pedals?

My hub was ghost pedalling because its was too dry. Just put some grease in the hub/driver. Wake up, ride, have fun, repeat.

How do I know if my cassette is worn out?

Quote from video: Now one of the most obvious indicators of a worn out cassette is when the gears are skipping when you've just replaced your chain.

How do you know if your bike chain is too long?

Do a simple check on your bike by shifting the chain to the big chainring and the biggest cassette cog; then, push on the end of the derailleur cage (pushing forward) to see how much it will move forward. If it moves just a little, then you’re good. If it moves a lot, then you’ve got too much chain.

Why does my derailleur skip?

Without enough cable tension to properly regulate your derailleur (the part of your bike that shifts the chain from one sprocket to the next), your chain will begin to skip. The most typical recommendation for fixing a skipping chain is to add tension to the rear derailleur.

How long should a bike chain last?

So, how long do bike chains last? In general, a good chain will last 2,000 to 3,000 miles or 3 to 4 years. Chains on mountain bikes and electric bikes will get worn out faster. Many factors can influence chain life, such as conditions, speed, weight, and stress.

How do you tighten a bike chain with a derailleur?

Locate the derailleur screw that has the letter “B” printed below it. Insert your screwdriver into the B-tension screw. Rotate the derailleur screw counterclockwise to decrease the tension of the chain. Turn the B-tension screw clockwise to tighten the chain around the teeth of the rear sprocket.

What is a bicycle freewheel?

The freewheel is a block of cogs that screws directly onto threads on the rear wheel. There is no need for it to be mounted onto a hub. It typically comes with anywhere between 1 to 7 cogs, and it is rare to find a freewheel on a modern bike. You do however find them on some new single-speed bikes.

What is a free hub on a bike?

The freehub is an extension of the right-hand side of the rear wheel’s hub. It contains a system that engages with the wheel when you’re pedalling, to propel you forward, and which disengages when you stop pedalling so that the wheel continues to turn without the gears and pedals turning.

How do you fix a sticky free hub?

Quote from video: And shove the bearings into place to form a continuous ring around the race and there. And the grease should hold them.

How do you stop ghost pedaling?

My hub was ghost pedalling because its was too dry. Just put some grease in the hub/driver. Wake up, ride, have fun, repeat.

How do I stop freewheeling?

1) –when the clutch is depressed it disengages the engine, effectively making the car free-wheel. Keeping the engine engaged in. 2) -when the clutch is engaged allows the car to slow down using the engine, reducing wear on the brakes and increasing control of the car making it safer.