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Are there any bicycle computers that will log ride data?

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Asked by: William Reeves

What bike computers do Tour de France riders use?

Tour de France 2022 Bike GPS/Computers:

  • AG2R Citroën Team (W): Wahoo BOLT V2.
  • Alpecin–Deceuninck (W): Wahoo BOLT V2.
  • Arkéa–Samsic (W): Wahoo BOLT V2.
  • Astana Qazaqstan (G): Garmin Edge 830.
  • Bahrain Victorious: Garmin Edge 830.
  • B&B Hotels–KTM (G): Garmin Edge 830.
  • BikeExchange–Jayco (G): Garmin Edge 830.

Which bike computer has the longest battery life?

Best Overall: Garmin Edge 830 Sensor Bundle

  • Before purchasing, consider the type of battery your device is going to need. …
  • On this list, the Bryton Rider 450E is an excellent rechargeable computer that offers up to 32 hours of battery life.

Do bike computers work with strava?

WiFi and Bluetooth capability usually enable connection to third-party apps such as Strava and Komoot, which can be one of the most underrated features of a cycling computer. With these, you can connect to your phone, receive messages, re-route on the fly and go after Strava Live Segments.
Sep 8, 2021

What bike computers do pro cyclists use?

The List:

  • AG2R La Mondiale: Wahoo BOLT.
  • Astana Pro Team: Garmin Edge 1030 & Edge 530.
  • BORA-hansgrohe: Wahoo BOLT.
  • CCC Team: Garmin Edge 1030.
  • Cofidis Solutions Credits: SRM PC8.
  • Deceuninck – Quickstep: Wahoo BOLT & ROAM.
  • EF Education First: Garmin Edge 1030.
  • Equipe Cycliste Groupama-FDJ: Garmin Edge 1030.

What power meters do pro cyclists use?

Best power meters reviewed

  • Quarq DZero DUB Power Meter Spider. Best crank based power meter. …
  • Shimano Dura-Ace R9100-P power meter. Best rechargeable crank-based power meter. …
  • FSA Powerbox power meter. Best crank-based power meter for versatility. …
  • Favero Assioma Duo Pedals. …
  • Garmin Rally pedals. …
  • 4iiii Precision power meter.

Jun 13, 2022

Do I need cadence on my bike computer?

It depends on the unit. Cadence is good to have, if you want to do any sort of training, but cadence is often poorly implemented. In fact, I’m not aware of ANY good computers with cadence at present. The old Cateye Micro was excellent, but it’s not been available for 15 years or so.
Jun 26, 2014

Who makes the best bicycle computer?

Best cycling computers

  • Garmin Edge 530. Best cycling computer for significant data for a mid range price point. …
  • Hammerhead Karoo 2. Best for smartphone-like experience. …
  • Garmin Edge 1040 Solar. …
  • Wahoo Elemnt Roam. …
  • Garmin Edge 830. …
  • Garmin Edge 130 Plus. …
  • Garmin 1030 Plus. …
  • Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.

Can I use my phone as a bike computer?

Jepster is an android app to use your mobile phone as a bike computer. Jepster uses GPS to track your ride. Furthermore, it supports ANT+™ and Bluetooth heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors and power meters. Put the stuff that you care about on the screen: maps, power data, heart rate or many more.

How do I choose a bike computer?

Cycle computers — everything you need to know

  1. Heart rate. Some bike computers can measure your heart rate by picking up signals from a sensor strapped to your chest. …
  2. Wired v wireless. …
  3. Rear wheel sensor. …
  4. Water resistance. …
  5. Common features. …
  6. Advanced features. …
  7. Smartphone pairing. …
  8. GPS.

Apr 17, 2021

Does Cateye work with Strava?

Launch CATEYE Sync and select your device (Strava supports the STEALTH Series). Connect your CATEYE device to your computer. From here, you can download your activities to CATEYE sync. Once you’ve downloaded activities to CATEYE Sync you can press the “Upload to Strava” button to share any activities you’ve selected.
Aug 8, 2022

Can I use my iPhone as a cycle computer?

So, can you use your iPhone as a bike computer? Yes, an iPhone can do everything a bike computer does and adds a little bit of convenience as well, but it does come with some downsides such as battery drain, and less weatherproofing and durability.
May 30, 2021

Does Wahoo work with Strava?

Automatically upload activities from your Wahoo by syncing with Strava. Plus, get a few on-the-go features to enhance your ride.

Are cycling power meters worth it?

Power meters can help with providing a focus to each training ride, as well as ensuring you are sticking to the intended intensity as you ride. “Power meters are useful for polarising your training. This means doing hard sessions where you go really hard, and easy sessions that are really easy.
May 17, 2021

Why are SRM power meters so expensive?

They are expensive because of R&D. The most expensive part of a power meter is the Ant+/Bluetooth transmitter. Total component cost is about $15.
Oct 23, 2020

Are pedal or crank power meters better?

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Are bike computers worth it?

Bottom Line on Whether Garmin Edge Bike Computers are Worth It. You can’t improve something you can’t measure. So, if you are serious about bike training and improving your performance, a Garmin Edge bike computer will very likely turn out to be a worthwhile investment.
Mar 6, 2022

Can I use my iPhone as a cycle computer?

So, can you use your iPhone as a bike computer? Yes, an iPhone can do everything a bike computer does and adds a little bit of convenience as well, but it does come with some downsides such as battery drain, and less weatherproofing and durability.
May 30, 2021

Which Garmin is best for mountain biking?

Overall, the best smartwatch for mountain biking is the Garmin Fenix 6. The long battery life, lightweight and durable design, built-in GPS, extra features, and cellular connectivity make it easily the best choice.

Is Garmin Edge explore waterproof?

The computer is customisable with third-party apps from the Garmin Connect IQ store, including Strava, Komoot, weather apps and more. According to Garmin its battery should last 12 hours and it has a waterproofing rating of IPX7.
Jul 18, 2022

Is Garmin releasing a new cycling computer?

The Garmin Edge 1040 and Edge 1040 Solar were announced on and are available to buy from Garmin US (opens in new tab), Garmin UK (opens in new tab) and Garmin AU (opens in new tab) for a recommended retail price of $749.99/$599.99, £629.99/£519.99 and AU$1299.00/$999.00 (Solar/non-Solar prices).
Jun 8, 2022

How long does the Garmin Edge explore battery last?

up to 16 hours

“Featuring up to 16 hours of battery life in demanding use and up to 24 hours in battery saver mode, the Edge Explore 2 series is preloaded with intuitive, high-contrast Garmin cycle maps so riders can view popular roads and trails, high-traffic areas and searchable points of interest – all from a 3-inch touchscreen …